Baby Girl Gift

This past weekend I whipped up this fun little gift for our friends who are expecting a little girl in May.

My inspiration came from a recent project that I did HERE (be sure to check it out too)


*  Piece of wood, sanded and one coat of white (or a light color) paint applied. I used left over shelving, the size was 12 x16″

* ribbon

* scrap card stock for triangles

* lettered sticker (Michaels Craft Store) any color if fine

* acrylic paint(s) – I used yellow and aqua

* paint brush

*optional – vinyl decal made on Silhouette Cameo machine (I designed and cut out the large “Lucy” shape that you see on the board.  Stars, a moon, a cute animal sticker… anything of that nature would work well here. Or the entire board could be a poem, not special shape needed, just the letters. :)

#1. I had a scrap piece of wood that I painted with some left over wall paint. My wall paint is a really light blue, almost white, Martha Stewart in Eggshell. So I lightly sanded a scrap board, and painted it. After letting it dry for 24 hours, then I started my project.

#2. Apply the vinyl decal (used my Silhouette Cameo and their vinyl)

#3. I drew straight lines (in pencil) for my quote “Miracle in the making”

#4. Centered the quote and stuck the letters onto the board. Once I liked them, I went over them with my finger nail and made sure they were stuck on well. Didn’t want any gaps or bubbles.

#5. FUN!! now I painted over everything. I am not neat nor am I worried about perfection so I just squirted some yellow paint and some aqua paint and mixed it together. I painted all one direction and over ALL the letters and the “Lucy” decal. This was easy!

#6. Wait for acrylic to dry, but don’t wait over 2 hours… too dry makes it hard to peel the stickers off. PEEL OFF THE STICKERS. S – L – O -W – L – Y

#7. I hot glued ribbon right across the center and with that ribbon I cut some cute triangles out of scrap card  stock paper and hot glued those on too.

TA-DA… a super cute, personal baby gift.

Hope they love it!