Cropping photos for web

**When uploading your pictures for web viewing… there are a few REALLY important things to do.

Info: this image is cropped to 8×12″ at 72 dpi

First and foremost, 72 dpi (low resolution). This is best resolution for  web viewing for a few reasons, mainly -quicker upload speed and smaller resolution = harder for someone to copy your work.

I also watermark my photo’s, or at least I try to remember to watermark my photos for my protection. More on watermarking later. And I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make your own watermark from you logo! Cool!!

Cropping. In photoshop (my program of choice for photo editing).

Open your image, then go to header bar and select IMAGE > IMAGE SIZE

You will se a similar window to the one below:

This is how you can see what size your photo currently is (and if it’s already been cropped, it should read your chosen crop size and 72 pixels/inch (dpi) for web browsing.

Here is where I crop in Photoshop, using my toolbar:

I usually save my file with a new name, never the original files name. I like to keep all the original files in their original state. If I want to come back and change the photo or print it for a larger print, using a 72 dpi is not ideal and the photo will be pixilated when I try to blow it up. SO keeping the RAW of full size JPEG is best for me.

Once you select your cropping size and 72 dpi, drag your crop tool over the photo, selecting your desired section of the image. Then press enter and your image is cropped. IF you goof up or don’t like you selection, simply go to EDIT > UNDO and your last move will be undone & you can re-crop.

Then, SAVE AS!!

And, in case your curious, this picture was taken in the AV mode (aperture priority) and here is the photo info. It was taken outside,near dusk.