Happy love day

Hope your Valentine’s Day was lovely!

A few snaps from our morning:

We finished up our “mustache” valentines – stapling the photo’s to long strips of pink card stock and stamping them with “I mustache u a ?”  to complete the look for the kiddos school valentines. We also taped a pencil to the back of each Valentine so that all their classmates received a little treat too (even though I thought those photo’s were treat enough, lol).

My husband so generously made us all some yummy breakfast with fruit, granola and yogurt… delish!

The boys woke up to their annual t-shirts (made by mom this year: awl-mart t-shirts and puffy paint), a small candy treat and a few other little things to start their day off great.

Hope you have a lovely day and an even better week! xoxo


Mustache anyone?

I love Valentine’s day! It’s the one holiday when I go all out for cards and t-shirts. Usually I make t-shirts and help the kiddos make some unique/fun valentine cards. Don’t know why, just find it super fun and creative to get ‘fancy’ on Valentines day.

Here are the super cute “I DIG YOU” valentine’s that we did last year. And here are the “Heartbreaker” shirts I made for the boys last year too (pssst… the template is free and you can download it right off my blog if you want to make your kiddos a heartbreaker shirt too).

This year we are doing a mustache theme! I know, this one’s been done a hundred times over and we are a little late on the trend but we still thought it would be fun to make these “I Mustache You a Question” Valentine cards.


The Kids were SOOOO excited about the mustache on a stick (which I found in a discount store near the scrapbook section for a whopping $2 – score!). I took a few snaps of the boys together and then a few more of them separately (some Valentines for school & then some for family and friends). Nothing fancy for the backdrop or anything like that. I sat them on the kitchen stools in front of the black armoire (for a dark background) and snapped away, it was super fun, they were loving it!

This is what we have so far. Aren’t they adorable? I LOVE them!!!

I used this template here for the photo strip, I liked the simple look and easy use of the template.

I had these printed at the 1-hour place, onto an 8×10 sheet (saved $$ that way). Now we need to cut them out. I am thinking about gluing them onto pink or red construction paper so the boys can write their names on them. I will keep you updated.

Love day in the making!! So fun! And then, the boys wanted me to be in the pictures too, so I ever-so-gently handed my camera over and took a few shots with my sweet boys. We had too much fun goofing around.