Porch Update

A quick update I did to our porch, with a great impact!

This was under $40, it was easy and took me under an hour to complete. Now that’s my kind of project!

Here is our porch before my little update.

Remember, I live in a seasonal area. We only get summer for 3 full months (at best). It’s June but my plants are just blooming. We had snow here in MAY!! Crazy but true!

I have summer fever!! This quick, easy update was just what I needed to get in the summer mood! Some pretty red and white flowers to liven up the place and get me into the mood to do more!

I purchased 3 hanging baskets. I already had some soil and a few plants. PERFECT!


Ahhhh… I feel good that I finished something for my yard accomplished! Now I need to get on that drip system (see all that ugly, black tubing all over the place), it needs work and it’s NOT attractive!

For now… Happy Monday. Nothing like some good ole’ planting to freshen up the day!