Karlstad anyone?

Okay, okay… before I even start this post I have to fess up. I was really IN LOVE (you know, the teenage, 1 month romance that I thought would last forever, that type of love) with the Darrin sofa from this post here.

I still really like the sofa, I love the style, the color, etc… but when it came down to it, we have decided that we need something bigger, like a sectional. Okay, so not just a sectional but a low back, clean lined, AFFORDABLE sectional.

As you’ve probably already guessed, we have decided to go with the Karlstad. To be exact, we have measured out our space and the love seat with two chaises will be our pick.

source: IKEA

After following YHL for a few years and loving their style and most of their design choices, the hubs and I decided to go to IKEA and check out their sofa selection (YHL has a huge Karlstad sectional and they really like it). To our surprise, we loved the Karlstad. It has a 10 year warranty and it’s just around $1000 for a big sofa WITH the slip cover. And might I add that I love the idea of being able to change out the slip cover if we want to change up our look.

Some thing I didn’t like about the Karlstad were the pine legs and there are a lot of them! It was a little overwhelming. I’d like to add some sweet, contemporary legs to the sofa eventually. Something like these:

source: https://www.etsy.com/listing/67567677/sofa-legs-ikea-karlstad

Or there are these metal legs that IKEA sells separately but made specifically for the Karlstad sofa, so these may be of interest too… just not sure yet. We shall wait and see how the couch looks in our living room and then go from there. Looks like we are 99% on board to purchase this sofa (holla!).

Here are some insperation pictures of Karlstad in other homes:

source: northstory.ca

source: Apartment Therapy

source: younghouselove.com

source: delikatissen.com

source: door sixteen.com

source: emilymccall.jpg

sofa love

I am dying to have a new sofa. We’d love to have something on the modern side yet comfortable and low profile (back of the couch can’t stand to high, our living space is narrow and small so a low back sofa is the best option). Currently we have a deep seat sofa that is almost 9 feet long. It has down-blend cushions and it is very comfortable. I love the sofa but the style is dated and it’s slowly starting to fall apart (we put extra feet on it this past summer as it started to sag in the center).

I have narrowed it down to my top three favorite stores for future, dream sofa: (no one paid me to say this, this is not a promotion or ad in any way. These are my honest thoughts and opinions). 1. Thrive Furniture {LOVE the furniture here, very retro, classy and tons of options for colors, etc. They have an awesome return policy and free shipping}: 2. Room & Board {oh my gosh, this place is phenomenal,  I LOVE  all their stuff, all of it. I find the price tag to be a bit high here but the quality is superb therefore it is usually worth every dime: 3. Crate & Barrel {an oldie but goodie, I love the modern, sleek C&B style and I’ve purchased a lot of trinkets and misc. items over the years, and am happy with the quality. I have never bought any furniture at C&B but our good friends have and their sofa is super nice}.

BUT…there is a new contender in the sofa search!! My NEW top favorite (and this may seem a bit of a surprise considering all the high end names I mentioned above)… drum roll please…. and my NEW top favorite sofa shop is JC Penney!!! I found the perfect sofa at the best price and after tons of comparing and internet browsing here is what it came down to:

Sure, there are some things I like more at the other shops but when I weighed it all out, the Oasis Darrin sofa was #1 by a long shot. I just couldn’t beat that price and the construction of the sofa at JC Penney is nearly the same as the other shops. I think I may need to keep my eye on Penny’s, I’m so tickled that I found this sofa…. now all I need is $900 cash! That will take a little while to save. But hopefully we will get a little money for our current sofa (here we come craigslist) and then we won’t have to save as long. A $900 deep seat, down blend, modern sofa… what a steal! I’m thrilled.