Jonathan Adler Love

OH MY GOSH!!! I am smitten! Jonathan Adler has a BRAND NEW collection at JC Penny! Holla! {me: jumping up and down like a 5 year old on their birthday}.

I saw most of the items in the photo above on line at the JC Penny web site: loving EVERYTHING they have!!! Honestly, Jonathan Adler is my style icon, I admire him SO, SO much. And now he has this affordable, quality line at of all places JC Penny! Awesome! The two sofa’s (one is pictured below) are freaking beautiful and so stylish and classy. I didn’t find the plates (shown in the photo above) but keeping my fingers crossed that more kitchen items will come available.

Loving the living room set up in the photo above. Especially those retro styled nesting tables with that sleek, modern sofa. I want to jump right into that photo and live in the room! Sweet and sexy… it’s soooo me!!

Here are a few things I window shopped for on the web site:

I am in LOVE (as if you didn’t notice). JC Penny is quickly becoming one of my favorite on-line shopping stops (see my JCP sofa deals here). And now that they have my man Jonathan, I am sure to be buying something VERY soon. EEK!! SO excited!!

Visit/see more here.

* PS… I wish I was paid for this, but I wasn’t and I am in no way, shape or form soliciting for JCP. These are solely my opinions… and they are pretty awesome (IMO)!!