Photoshop Actions

Actions are fun! Don’t be intimidated, just go for it. Eventually you might just find yourself making your own… oaky, but one step at a time.

I found a fun polaroid action for free so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I love it! SO fun and it’s super easy to use! Now I’ll show you how quick it is to upload an action to Photoshop.

Here is the final product…

Isn’t it fun?

It sort of reminds me of those Instagram pictures that are popular right now.

Okay, so let’s get down to biz-ness. Download or purchase the action that you want to upload. I provided the link to the free polaroid action that I used at the top of this post.

Wherever you have your action (I prefer to have mine right on the desktop so they are easy to find and drag into the folders.

Step 1. Go into your Photoshop folder. Accessible through  >APPLICATIONS > PHOTOSHOP

Keep going… >PRESETS >ACTIONS. Here is where you will drag and drop the actions icon.

Now that you have put your action into the PRESETS folder, open up Photoshop. Also you will want to open up a picture, any picture is fine.

So now we are in Photoshop and we need to LOAD our new action. First, be sure your ACTIONS window/tab is open. If you cannot see it then go to WINDOW> ACTIONS and you will then be able to view your actions (if anything, you should at least have “default actions” already loaded. Now we want to LOAD our newest action. That tiny drop down button on the top right of your actions menu, click on that (only need to click once) and a drop down menu will appear.

Select LOAD ACTIONS from the drop down menu…

Here is where you locate the action that you just uploaded from your desktop. The action I chose to upload was “polaroid generator”. Once I find the action I am looking for, I click LOAD. ** Hint, if you have a hard time finding the action, it should be located > APPLICATIONS> PHOTOSHOP> PRESETS> ACTIONS and then you should find the action you uploaded.

Once you clicked load, you will automatically be taken back to your Photoshop screen and it should show the new action(s) in your action menu.

That’s the way to load an action!! Yeah! Wasn’t too hard, right?

Just to double check that everything works correctly, I tried the first action “Type 660″. Amazing! Love it. Actions are so cool. Love how the program does all the work to make my photo look so super-dooper cool!

I went one step further and added some text to the bottom of my new polaroid.

ALWAYS, SAVE AS when you are done. And, if you are not going to make any more changes, FLATTEN IMAGE, then SAVE AS.

All done! What a snap!

Hope to see some cool polaroid snaps soon.