rocket launcher … c+p

Noah’s recent birthday was a blast. One of his favorite gifts was from mom & dad (of course, because we are so totally awesome and ever so cool, I’m sure that will change in a few years). Noah received a rocket launcher that is controllable from the iPad. When he opened the gift he was a little confused, it was not a big, exciting gift and it was hard to tell what the present was. Once dad and I explained to him that it was a remote rocket launch system, he was exstatic. My boys LOVE anything to do with rockets. Here is a sweet photo I captured of them, playing with the new rocket launcher. Laughing and having the time of their life… it was a sight to see!

iPads … c+p

We try not to let technology rule our house but having a software / computer engineer as a husband, it makes it hard not to. Our house is full of “technology”… from our non-cable tv hook up (all ran through our server and my husbands awesome program), to the computer iPad that is Velcro’d on our wall for chores and daily reminders (my handy hubby wrote those programs too).

Here is my weekly shot of my kiddos (and the handsome and incredibly smart husband), all on their devices and all in another world. I can’t say that it isn’t nice to have everyone quietly working away on their computers (becuase it gives me time to play on my camera) but I don’t like how everyone tunes out when they are engulfed in their games and such.


I took this photo on our recent trip to Maui. It was during sunset, the kids were all playing on the beach, having a great time. I used my point-and-shoot camera, nothing fancy.

I took the photo and in Photoshop, I added some words of wisdom.

I think this will have to be framed and gifted for Christmas, for sure!

Cropping photos for web

**When uploading your pictures for web viewing… there are a few REALLY important things to do.

Info: this image is cropped to 8×12″ at 72 dpi

First and foremost, 72 dpi (low resolution). This is best resolution for  web viewing for a few reasons, mainly -quicker upload speed and smaller resolution = harder for someone to copy your work.

I also watermark my photo’s, or at least I try to remember to watermark my photos for my protection. More on watermarking later. And I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make your own watermark from you logo! Cool!!

Cropping. In photoshop (my program of choice for photo editing).

Open your image, then go to header bar and select IMAGE > IMAGE SIZE

You will se a similar window to the one below:

This is how you can see what size your photo currently is (and if it’s already been cropped, it should read your chosen crop size and 72 pixels/inch (dpi) for web browsing.

Here is where I crop in Photoshop, using my toolbar:

I usually save my file with a new name, never the original files name. I like to keep all the original files in their original state. If I want to come back and change the photo or print it for a larger print, using a 72 dpi is not ideal and the photo will be pixilated when I try to blow it up. SO keeping the RAW of full size JPEG is best for me.

Once you select your cropping size and 72 dpi, drag your crop tool over the photo, selecting your desired section of the image. Then press enter and your image is cropped. IF you goof up or don’t like you selection, simply go to EDIT > UNDO and your last move will be undone & you can re-crop.

Then, SAVE AS!!

And, in case your curious, this picture was taken in the AV mode (aperture priority) and here is the photo info. It was taken outside,near dusk.


fresh eggs

Tonight we dyed eggs for our egg hunt tomorrow morning! Easter is and has always been a memorable holiday for me. I hope my kids will have fond memories too.

A little highlight of our night before Easter. And of course, we had FRESH eggs this year, so fun!






We had a lot of finn with the silly eye stickers. And of course, what egg decorating activity is complete without stained hands?

Proud of his egg!

Noah and his two-toned egg!

And, if you’re interested… these photo’s were taken using natural light in the aperture priority (AV) mode. Basically the window is behind me allowing the natural sunlight it to fall onto the subjects (that being my boys and the eggs).

Sweet dreams, hope the Easter Bunny hops on over to your place.

Refer Yourself!

This is a sample of a referral card (hence the name on the card) that I used for years while I was in San Diego… and it worked great!

Basically… Once the client had ordered their images [and later on, when I started offering the disk with images], I simply printed out a batch of wallets with my information on the bottom (web site, phone number, referral information) and one photo from the session (all squeezed onto one wallet).

The REWARD part of the card was essential. Not only did my clients get to show off their great new picture they were going to be rewarded for each referral. SO FABULOUS!! Who doesn’t like a reward?

Feel free to use this idea for yourself.  Hope it rewards you too!!