weekend projects c+p

For more info on this project {c + p} click on the banner with the old school camera, right above…. please note that because I am such a flake, I have not kept up with my weekly goal for this little project, however I still have well intentions (wink, wink).

My sweet baby boy, this past weekend, painting his “gator”.  I love watching my kids and I love capturing them doing something they enjoy.

I used my Canon 5D with the 24-70mm lens. I used the natural light from the window for these photos. 100 ISO, f/stop 5. Cookie not included! :)

race day

This past weekend my boys raced in their very first giant slalom race. They did an awesome job and I was over-the-moon proud of them. My little guy, Noah, was the youngest racer of the day. They both had a DQ (dis qualification) for missing a gate. It was a ‘best of two’ race, so a DQ puts you out of a metal right away. My eldest son, Collin,  fell on the fourth gate, hit his head pretty hard (which I didn’t even know about until later) but he got up, put himself together, and finished the rest of the race. I was so proud of him for not giving up!

Here are a few shots of my little shredders!

Here they are at the start (this is where I was a bad racer, my nerves always got the best of me at the start of the race). The boys didn’t seem to be too intimidated and this was a big course.

And here they are RACING!! SO exciting!!!!

Photo/Camera information:

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

1st two shots (at the start gate) used my 24-70mm lens.

race shots – 85mm lens

All of these shots were done during the day, bright sun and reflection of the snow so I had my ISO all the way down to 100 and my f/stop turned up to 6 too keep the light out.