yellow lanterns

Holy Smokes!! I completed my yellow lantern idea (that I talked about here) and I am  super excited to show you all the results (hint: I’m very pleased with the outcome!!)

I purchased two more of our mini bathroom lights (see that post here) and got buseee!

I’ll let the photos do most of the talking… here we go!!

Step #1. PAINT! Always my favorite (spray painting that is). I didn’t use a primer, just two coast of glossy bright yellow spray paint. Super easy. I set the lamps directly  on a table and painted all but the underside (as that was already covered/setting on the table). My inspiration piece  (see the post here) was white on the underside of the shade, but I was game for leaving the galvanized area exposed for the underside.

Step #2. Break out with my trusty old Sharpie marker and add the black, detail to the rim of the lanterns, like my inspiration piece. This was easiest with a fatter tip. I started with a regular size sharpie and later changed to a wider tip.

Once I started to use the wider Sharpie I was able to get the detail on the rim without a hitch. It was a breeze! The “little messy” in the picture above, was when I was using the finer tip Sharpie.

WOW! What a difference, right? I am so thrilled with how these turned out! Now I wish I would have done these lamps for our entire house three years ago…but I had no idea they could be found so affordably online (and totally customized)! When we moved into our place we replaced all the exterior lights. The house was built in 1994 and all the lights were original. The lights were cheap brass and faded, not all of them were working, they all had different bulbs… the list goes on. Well, we had NINE exterior lights to replace, so we went with the cheapest black lights we could find (and those actually spruced the place up quite a bit). I found the lights for $18/ea and I was stoked! However, had I known about these bad boys for sale at $39/ea. I would have waited and replaced half and half rather than spending the $160 + for the black ones we purchased! Oh well, it’s all a learning curve.

Of course now I am excited to start replacing the other lanterns on the house… here are a few Photoshoped samples that I did on our house…


I think it’s safe to say that these outdoor lanterns are a HUGE hit at the Kruger household, and I am super excited to start adding these new lantern all over the exterior of the house! SO FUN!

P.S. Can you see the rim detail? It’s not bold but it’s there and I totally dig it! I love the little added “flair” to these awesome lights!

I’m more than pleased! What do you think?