Lego Creations

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There is something very sweet and so charming about kiddos and their Lego masterpieces. I am always fascinated with the cool creations that my boys come up with, on their own, when making legos without the kits… just going to town with what they have in their big-ass pile of lego-mess! I love what they dream up and I LOVE Legos!

Here is Mr. C, my eldest, with one of his recent creations… a super-dooper-awesome-extra-extra-long-super-hero-vehicle!

And here he is showing off his neat car, proud as can be! It’s great to be a kid and it’s even better to be a mom :)

Boys & Building

*****ALERT****… this post is wordy lengthy!

I have two boys. I know that I was meant to be a boy mom. I am so grateful for my boys, and I love my time with them (okay, well 99% of the time).

Last night we, my boys and I, were finishing up a building set that my younger son received from his Nana.

Lets back up here. This Lego-like building set is for 8-10 year olds, my son is 5. That was, or should have been, my first clue. However, he was with Nana when he got it and was so excited that it was a Transformers set that Nana couldn’t resist and Noah assured her that mom and dad would help.

Fast forward to TWO weeks after. The set is in pieces on our table, a complete mess and totally intimidating all of us (so many little pieces, ahhhh). We have tried a few times here and there and without fail, building this set results in a major temper tantrum or full out break down with tears.

Big Brother (who is barely 8 years old) has also tried to help out and decided it wasn’t worth the neglect that he received in return (Noah can be hard to deal with… and yes, he gets that from me.. sigh..).

So last night we all took the plunge to help Noah finish building his Transformer.

My favorite part:

Noah: “Mom, are you older than 18?”

Me: “yes”

Noah: “oh good! Then you can help me build this set!!”

Collin: “Noah! It says 8 to 10 year olds, not 18 year olds! Of course mom is old enough!”

Me: ‘laughing’

I was so pleased to sit and build with my boys. Sean was making dinner during the first part of our little building adventure, giving the three of us plenty of time to focus on our Transformer. It was nice to do an activity that they were both enjoying AND they were being kind to one another (that’s a polaroid moment)!

This is how we did it; I would find most of the pieces,  set them out on top of the directions and the boys would work as a team to put the pieces together using the photo directions. Collin was a real trooper during all of this, he was being the ideal big brother and guiding Noah through the directions and helping when needed. It was a proud moment for me {glowing}.

By dinner time we had the upper body done (that was a hours work), arms and legs still needed to be done but the torso is complete.

Now, back to what I said in the beginning of my post “I was meant to be a boy mom”.  I love lego’s. I sort of get a little obsessed with legos, I’ll admit it. I love legos. Once I get started on a set I want to finish and I can’t help myself. I can remember when Collin was little and I’d help build the entire set and then I would secretly not want him to play with it. I know, BAD MOMMY! But it would always break then I had to help rebuild it. Upon building an entire Navy Scene from the Lego collection I actually put it up on a window seal, too high for him to reach, so that I could admire it! Terrible right? Well he’d forgotten about it altogether for a few days then, he remembered and wanted to play with it… and the rest is history. To this day, when I see those Navy set pieces, I nearly cringe that they are just that, “pieces” and no longer a full, beautiful, Lego set. BUT, then my husband, ever so gently, reminds me that “the legos are for the boys, they are intended to be used, not admired.” I agree to disagree!

So, apparently I may need some Lego counceling! {Whop, Whop}

Well, after the boys went to bed I was able to get my Lego on!! oh Yeah! I was in building heaven!! And my excuse was totally valid! Honestly, I promised the boys that I would help by finishing up the arms and legs if they would get bathed, teeth brushed and go to bed without a fuss. MAGIC! Yes, I am like a magician. They were total angels, and they were a breeze to put to bed. And I, the sweet & loyal mom that I am, gag stayed up and finished up the minor details of the Transformer.

We were all happy. The End.

And here they are the morning after… so excited and proud!