Kilim Rug Update

My Turkish Kilim rug arrived a few days ago. It is SOOOO beautiful and even more perfect than I had hoped for. I really want to put it in the living room, where I can admire it on a daily basis. As of right now it is resting in our master bedroom until we decide on the new living room arrangement (specifically a new sofa and coffee table/ottoman). Until we have that figured out, I am secretly enjoying her in my bedroom every night. It’s true love for sure. See my original posts on Kilim rug love here and here.

This is her (I am referring to the rug as though it is a person) temporary resting place:

It looks a bit more red in this photo than it actually is in real life. There is also some orange in there (which is hard to see in this picture). The rug was shipped from Turkey, I bought it on line from here and I am more than pleased with everything. It shipped quick, it looks exactly as it was pictured on ebay and the price was more than fair, I actually feel like I got a great deal.

The best part, for me, was the certificate of authenticity that came with the rug. There was a little background information on my sweet, vintage, Turkish rug. This rug is just over 60 years old (isn’t that neat, there’s history laying right there on my bedroom floor, Turkish history), and all the colors are natural dye. The rug is hand woven wool with tied knot ends giving it an even more vintage look. The rug lays fairly flat with an uneven/crooked look to the sides, which I absolutely LOVE! I hope I can afford a runner for our hallway downstairs too. I am so pleased with this purchase!

Do you love Kilim rugs too? I would love to see pictures of how you’ve used them in your own homes.

Make it a great week!