hanging bed “how to”

Lets touch base on how we did those phenomenal hanging beds in the boys bedroom makeover (see more post and photo’s here, here, and here).

Here is a photo of the loft style hanging beds that we made (quite simple actually):

Here is the “basic” stuff for a hanging bed shopping list at your local hardware store:

This next photo pretty much sums up where we used all the items from the shopping list (however, this is only ONE corner of the bed. Each bed has two corners that attached to chain, and the other two corners were fastened to the wall studs). There are 2 items not pictured below. One item not show in the photo below are the hex-bolts. We used the hex bolts on the back side of the bed, underneath the bed on the frame, and drilled thought the 2×4 frame into the studs into the wall. So our beds aren’t actually hanging, they are the “illusion” hanging beds. No way we were going to have swinging beds in our boys room… that would have been a real disaster! The second item not show are the bolts used in the ceiling (crown/eye bolts) were used in the ceiling (as well as the bed), for the chain.

The beds were super easy to make. Two adults to hang them (find and mark your wall studs first). We were so excited (and so were the kids) to get the room finished, we hung up the beds before sanding and protecting them (shame on us). We still need to fill the nail holes, for a finished look , lightly sand and clear coat (for protection). We love the pine look and how it ties in with our wood floors, so we are not staining or painting any of the wood. Au’natural!

adding baseboard

The new boy bedroom is starting to take shape. The boys will actually be sleeping in their new beds tonight! So exciting. Everyone has been working away and giving their all to make this room a reality.

Late last night we added the baseboards and base shoe (a.k.a. quarter round). It’s all installed but the real work begins after installation (IMO) when it comes to baseboards. They will still need to be painted, the nail holes have to be filled filled then lightly sanded, caulked and repainted… soooooo much work. So much detailed work. But enough complaining, here is where we last night right around bed time.

These pictures are super yellowish, the room looks like it has a bad case of jaundice! Like I said, it was late so there was no natural light. Here is the handy hubby installing the new baseboards and quarter round (try not to sneak a peak at that plumber crack!! lol).

Just looking at these photos makes me cringe, I really dislike caulking and painting baseboards and quarter round… boo-hoo… I’m just being a lazy butt!  Once it’s all done it will be well worth it. Finished baseboards really add that professional touch to a finished room. I love the way baseboards complete a room/house. Yes, I am a baseboard snob. I would notice your baseboards if you had me over!!

And… {drum roll please} here is




sneak peak


of whats to come!!!!!


look ya’ll!! a hanging bed!!!!! Holla!!

More to come soon… I promise!!

Make it a great day!