gift sneak peak

I am having fun spending endless hours playing/designing gifts for family and friends this holiday. I want to keep things a bit more simple this year so I have decided to make a lot of our gifts. So far, teachers, a few close girlfriends,  and grandparents have some special hand made treats coming this Christmas… I am so excited!!  I wouldn’t want to ruin any surprises but I do want to show a little peak at something I made last night….

Father’s Day Ideas

This Father’s Day sure to be a fun and adventurous one, and we will be celebrating at our home this year, yeah!  We have some extended family coming up from Phoenix, so BBQing and 4-wheeling will be on our agenda for sure! Can’t wait for a great weekend. What will you be up to? Hope you are celebrating Dad with lots of love and attention this Father’s Day.

My husband is the most amazing father, our boys couldn’t have a better man to look up to. We are one lucky family.

In case you go the route of giving dad a gift, I’ve compiled some ideas for Father’s Day… from well dress to tech savvy and happy cooking, dad’s will surely feel appreciated with any of these treats:


Father's Day Ideas

I forgot to number these so bare with me!

Here are a few things my hubby wants or already has. Any of these items would make great gifts for dad!

1. What’s a house without a hammock? Ahh, we have a hammock just like this one and we LOVE it! It totally symbolizes everything great about a lazy, summer day. dreamy.

2. Going across the top and to the right: Wireless keyboard and mouse. We use ours on our main TV in the family room. We have an old Mac Mini hooked up to our TV, therefore our screen serves as our TV and computer. Perfect for Hulu, Wii games, and much, much more (post to follow soon). Having a wireless keyboard and mouse make it very convienient for everyone in the family to control the TV/Comuter directly from the comfort of the sofa, now that is pure bliss!

3. A sweet wooden sign of any kind (look at that rhyme) to remind dad every day that he is #1. Or a great card, maybe a framed photo of the kids. Something he can look at every day and know he is loved. Gifts like these are forever and so meaningful.

4. The almighty smoker. Just typing that sounds so stout and strong! My hubby would love a smoker (isn’t getting one this year but maybe Christmas). Smoked food, like salmon, is a favorite of ours and a smell that the whole neighborhood can enjoy, now that’s a gift for everyone!

5. BBQ utensils. These are always disappearing. Usually good for 1-2 years and then half the set is either missing, chewed up (by the dog), or broken, so for sure some BBQ goodies will be given this Father’s day.

6. iPhone. Yeah, who wouldn’t want one of these? If your a big spender then this would be the ultimate gift (IMO).

7. Yard Flamingo. Okay, so this gift might seem a little strange but my hubby loves flamingo’s. In a silly way, we always joke that we are going to decorate 50′s style and put a few flamingo’s in the front yard! Silly us, but wouldn’t that be kind of fun? I think so.

8.  The Big Daddy of all gifts, Mac Book Pro. Ahhhhhh, just saying “Mac Book Pro” get’s me all flustered! Yes, my true love, besides Sean of course, is the Mac Book Pro. Oh Wait! This isn’t about me, oops! Okay, back on track here… Sean would TOTALLY LOVE to have one of these! Wouldn’t we all?!

9. BBQ and beer = Father’s Day. Yes, Sean loves beer. He especially loves dark beer. For our BBQ on Father’s day there will surely be beer, just for Dad!!

10. Fashionable Attire. Helping dad look stylish and giving him some sweet duds, who wouldn’t like some new stuff for their wardrobe?! Wayfarers, Vans, a cute shirt are just a few ideas I have for Sean.

11. Tools. My man loves tools. He knows how to use them too! A great starter tool is the cordless drill. We use ours all the time.

Enjoy your weekend with dad!