Paper garland DIY

Like I said, I am in PARTY mode for the next few weeks… holla! Who doesn’t loave a party?! I just hate having to clean up my house (I dread cleaning, then re-cleaning when the party is over, yuck). But it’s all workth it, this upcoming party is long over due. Celebrating my niece (Sweet 16) and my mom (the big 6-0!).

Last night I tried my luck at some paper garland. This was my insperation photo:

Source: JCPenney – Martha Stewart Collection

To make this project as simple as possible (I’m a lazy simple girl), I punched out the paper circles with my old-but-handy craft puncher (from my days of scrabooking – and I never did finish a scrapbook, epic fail on my part).

This was easy! SUPER easy! I used a light weight card stock paper for this (paper that I already had).

I made some guides on my sewing machine (yes, I used my sewing machine – gasp!). I made the guides the same width as the paper circles and use some duct tape that I found in the garage (aren’t I fancy?)!

Be sure to set you resistance on low and a wide stitch too (I am not sure of the technical terms as I am not an avid sewer). Then just feed the circles and away you go. Seriously, it was that easy! My garland is not perfect spaced, some of the circles are close together and some are spread far out, but I love the inconsistency.

Lovely and easy! My kind of project!

Here’s one last picture of the garland hanging with the tissue paper balls (that I made in this post here).