Fence project

Just an update to our WEEKEND PROJECT that I gave you a sneak peak of last weekend.

Well, I am proud to say that we came, we saw, we ACCOMPLISHED!! Go US!

Here is a quick tease of what we did…


Lets just say that our “free ranging chickens” were FREE ranging a little too much. Eating the few living flowers in our yard, pooping everywhere (and having to constantly clean it up), and the occasional worry that a neighborhood dog would have a big lunch… we decided we desperately needed a fence for our girls. So, we set out and we DID IT!

We did learn a few things and took a little short cut that now, looking back, think we would not have chosen to do had we had more knowledge.

Good news… the hens seem to like their new space! And, they get to roam the property everyday, but only for a few hours rather than the entire day!

All is good in the hen world at the Kruger’s.

I’ll be back with more pictures and how we did this fence project.