Yesterday there was an annular solar eclipse. We were watching the moon pass between the earth & the sun… how amazing is that?!! Super exciting! 

My mom (a.k.a. Nana) remembers watching an eclipse when she was a little girl and since we were unprepared to actually look at the eclipse, we made pin holes in construction paper and took very short viewings.

I have to say that this was really exciting for the boys and I. Watching this was amazing, I’d never seen a solar eclipse before and I’m not sure that I will ever see another one like it again! Ahhh!

That’s about the best picture I could get of the eclipse! I was, to say the least, unprepared to take pictures of an eclipse.

Here is Nana and Collin taking a peak of the eclipse.

And if I had a little more knowledge, patience and camera experience + preparation, I may have scored a sweet photo like this one!!

Source: IBTTime Staff Reporter

Article and photo HERE, a nice read.