Paper garland DIY

Like I said, I am in PARTY mode for the next few weeks… holla! Who doesn’t loave a party?! I just hate having to clean up my house (I dread cleaning, then re-cleaning when the party is over, yuck). But it’s all workth it, this upcoming party is long over due. Celebrating my niece (Sweet 16) and my mom (the big 6-0!).

Last night I tried my luck at some paper garland. This was my insperation photo:

Source: JCPenney – Martha Stewart Collection

To make this project as simple as possible (I’m a lazy simple girl), I punched out the paper circles with my old-but-handy craft puncher (from my days of scrabooking – and I never did finish a scrapbook, epic fail on my part).

This was easy! SUPER easy! I used a light weight card stock paper for this (paper that I already had).

I made some guides on my sewing machine (yes, I used my sewing machine – gasp!). I made the guides the same width as the paper circles and use some duct tape that I found in the garage (aren’t I fancy?)!

Be sure to set you resistance on low and a wide stitch too (I am not sure of the technical terms as I am not an avid sewer). Then just feed the circles and away you go. Seriously, it was that easy! My garland is not perfect spaced, some of the circles are close together and some are spread far out, but I love the inconsistency.

Lovely and easy! My kind of project!

Here’s one last picture of the garland hanging with the tissue paper balls (that I made in this post here).

greenhouse diy

Lets build a greenhouse! Best yet, lets build one as a gift, for a special someone we love.

Of course we referred to Ana White for our DIY greenhouse plans (see the link here).

Here is the super cute greenhouse that Ana built (and the one that we are going to build too!):

The family and I set out on our greenhouse DIY adventure this weekend with a goal of having it completed by the weekend of the 16th.  All of the plans and materials needed are posted on Ana’s site for FREE! She’s amazing. We set out to Home Depot to purchase  our supplies.

Ana’s list consisted of the following: (see the highlighted notes, we did not have the tin roofing at our store)

Shopping List:

Materials for 32″ stud walls -

3 – 2×4 @ 10 feet long – use on back wall
5 – 2×4 @ 12 feet long – use on sides/ridgepole DO NOT CUT)
32 – 2×4 @ 8 feet long
11 – 12 foot long x 26″ wide standard corrugated plastic greenhouse panels
1 – 8 foot long x 26″ wide standard corrugated plastic greenhouse panel (use on door side)
3 – 12 foot long tin panels (use on sides and back) *we purchased house siding, tin panels not available
1 – 8 foot long tin panel (use on front) *not at our store, special order only
Tin screws
28 – 4′ long ribbing strips
L flashing (optional for the corners)


*plywood for making the gussets

*a box of 2″ screws (mostly for the plywood gussets)

We made the mistake of buying corrugated tin paneling from the same area where we purchased the corrugated greenhouse panels. Not the same as tin roofing (oops!).  See that pretty silver stuff on the trailer? Yep, that’s not the right stuff! We returned it and bought regular ole’ house siding instead. The tin roofing was special order at our store, and we wanted to get this project done so we decided that house siding would work just as good (and we can paint it to match the house).

for example:

This is tin paneling. It would have worked for this project but it is not as thick nor is it as sturdy as the tin roofing. Plus, we would have to cut it to fit this project (cutting tin is not our area of expertise).

This is tin roofing. Heavier, and more sturdy. In addition to that it was exact width and lengths as sides of the green house, therefore no cutting necessary (that would’ve been nice).

And here we are gettin busy!

That’s me, making the side walls! Holla!

My little helper!

Our handmade gussets made out of plywood… Ana’s video was very helpful!

Applying the gussets to the beams (glue and 2″ screws)

Lots of beams, oh yeah!!

Making progress!! Whoo-Hoo!

All framed! WOW.

Here is where we’re at of of the end of a 2 day weekend! I can’t believe how much we accomplished. This project, so far, has been relatively easy. We spend about 3.5 hours on Saturday (that includes going to Home Depot and getting our supplies) and about 6 hours on Sunday (including 2 trips to Home Depot and a lunch break).  I do have to mention that we were short one drill. Usually when we build something like this we each have a drill. Unfortunately we were missing one drill (let someone borrow it) so we were left with our cheaper, plug in drill. It all worked out fine but we could have accomplished more with two drills and no cord! But hey, I’m not complaining… look how awesome this has turned out! Can’t wait to finish her off! Whoop! Whoop!

Nothing like a beautiful sunset at the end of a long day.

Until next time,

have a great one!!

parrot costume – no sew!!

Lets make a parrot costume! As in a NO-SEW parrot costume that’s totally easy and SUPER cute!

I’ve broken this down into three parts; part one is the body, part two is the feet and part three will be the hat for the beak and eyes!

Here is our final product. It turned out super cute and believe me when I say it was far from perfect… but the imperfection is what made it so adorable and my son loved it! So have fun with this one, it’s worth it!

First you’ll need some basic supplies. I used some things I already had and I purchased a few things.


Step #1.  Seriously, I am so simple that I had my 5 year old son put the long sleeve shirt on, then I cut a few holes in his shirt accordingly and as I dreamed up. Pretty much the elbows and one hole in the back of the shirt and used pipe cleaner to tie it onto the shirt. I figured pipe cleaner was soft and better than using wire, cuter than string, plus I have a ton of pipe cleaner so it was a perfect fit for this costume.

Step #2.  Maybe have your child take the shirt off for this step… I had my son leave his shirt on and he started to get very restless, waiting on me. I applied fabric glue onto some of the feathers and then pressed them directly onto the shirt. It was really that easy, honest!

Step # 3. Repeat step #2 until you have a fair amount of feathers/boa lued onto your t-shirt. No need to glue all over the shirt, just a bit here and a bit there. Have fun.

You basically have one boa on the left side, tied at the elbow and another boa tied to the elbow on the right. Noah was pretty little here and we used ONE BOA on the arms and one boa wrapped around him and glued all over the shirt! I tied the the string at the end of boa and put it on his wrists, like a bracelet and it just hung off his wrists. See the first picture in this post. It gave a great “wing” effect when he held his arm out!


All I did for the feet was cut out a few of the fingers and left a few, I wanted them to be comfy yet a misfit sort-of cute. Totally accomplished! Best parrot feet EVER!

PART THREE – Beak, head feathers and eyes!

Here we are so far, without the head dress.  {silly, cute boy of mine}

Supplies I used for the hat (I had all these items on hand): adjustable baseball cap, more glue, felt and pom pom balls.

STEP #1. I cut out a few “fake” feathers out of felt. I did orange, yellow, green and black because that’s what I had. I drew directly onto the felt with a marker and cut them out , I love felt!!

STEP #2. I glued an entire piece of rectangular 8×11 felt onto the bill of the baseball cap (see the green outline) then I cut it out accordingly (see photo above, cut lines are pink). This was the easiest way I could think to make a beak. And it worked! So put glue on the top of the bill only, press your felt down, centered and hanging over the front, then cut it out around the head of the hat (be sure not to cut your hat) and cut a triangular shape on the front of the hat.

Step #3. Flip the hat over, tuck your sides under and glue them down.

*** Keep gluing until you have a beak shape. Trim if you need.

STEP #4. Randomly glue your felt cut-out feathers (from step #1) onto the front of the hat. No need to be perfect, and be sure to layer. I cut slits into the felt feathers to give some dimension. I also stuck a few feathers from the boa in with the felt feathers. Once I was done I trimmed up the front with a thin strip of the yellow to make it look clean and finished.

STEP #5. Add some eye balls! Two white pom pom balls and two smaller brown pom pom balls. Glued on and done! That was easy!

And the FINAL product (that took me less than 2 hours to make, for reals!

TRICK OR TREAT! Give this Parrot a worm to eat!!

Happy Almost Halloween!!

bunting thermostat

I love bunting! It’s simple, sweet and makes me feel like a kid. This past weekend I decided to make some bunting out of the scrap burlap that I had from a project that didn’t turn out. I sewed material (again, scrap material that I had in a ‘scrap’ pile) across 5 triangle and voila, I had some super cute, easy to make bunting!

Best yet, it cleverly covers up the ugly thermostat, so double whammie on this simple little project! I added a few pom-poms that the boys and I made last year to the ends of the bunting, for that cutesie-fun effect. I am loving it!

I love to sew but in reality, I pretty much suck at it. If I can find a quick project that involves sewing, I’m all in. However, if it is a sewing project that entails reading directions, using patterns and push pins, I’m all out. I have no patience and need instant gratification. Sewing straight lines and easy peasy projects is totally my game!

Bunting anyone?

penny tile

We have our penny tile! It is here, it is REALLY here!! For months, like 11 months, we’ve been ‘going to order’ our tile. Well, we finally did it! And it is gracefully sitting in our garage, waiting to be installed. Now we just need to GET BUSY!

Here is what we have decided to use in our little 1/4 bath downstairs (a bathroom that gets used all the time) and what we will install in our master bathroom too:

The grout color is still being determined. I am thinking that black grout would look super cool and will be easy to keep clean. However, I do like white grout too, right now it’s a toss up. I need to make a mood board to get me in ‘the mood’ for the bathroom makeovers!

And of course here are some inspiration rooms with penny tile floors (beautiful!):

source: Elle Decor – I should live here! That orange is calling my name.

ILOVE everything about this bathroom {drooling}


source: ciaonewportbeach blogspot – yeah, this bathroom rocks. That sink has been on my mental wishlist ever since I saw it in the HGTV dream home last year. LOVE this room:subway tile, sink & floor with the yellow accents… PUUUUURFECT!


source: remodelista – okay, so ‘technically’ these tiles are not penny tiles, they are hexagon but I love the black on white look and then they threw in the wooden mirrors, just adds that bit or warmth that the space needed.

Love this room.


source: house tweaking – I absolutely LOVE this blog. Her style is clean, modern, simple and tasteful without being boring or cold. She really has a nack for design. I find this blog very inspirational. Love the floor in her master bathroom… marble penny tiles. Beautiful.


And without further a-do… here is my penny tile (in all her glory!!!):

Keeping my fingers crossed that the magic tile/flooring fairy comes while I sleep and installs these bad boys in both bathrooms. Wouldn’t that be dreamy!

xoxo, Heidi



Pom Pom Decor

This sweet little item makes me happy every time I see it.

An empty rum bottle and three little pom poms (that my boys made) on some flower wire. Makes the sweetest little window decor for my bedroom. Lovely.

Have a beautiful day… sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the best things.


colorful accents

Adding a little color really makes things feel a bit more cheerful.

This is a lamp on my counter in the kitchen. I took a piece of material and wrapped the shade to give it a boost of ‘fun’! Then I added some simple ribbon around the bottom and top to give it a bit more finished look. This lamp is one of my favorite pieces in my house. And it gets a ton of compliments from all who see it. Super easy accent of color… a fun lampshade.

Here is one of many family wall photo-collage areas. I love photo’s (like no duh). The computer was unable to escape this picture, hiding there under the fun little pillow, finally taking a rest! Here is another ‘colorful’ area of my house… loving the orange/coral chair, the turquoise vase and the colorful pillow. Simple ways to take my white family wall of photo’s to a fantastic area to hang out and feel happy!

Probably the easiest way to add colorful accents are the small things! Like this beautiful bowl that I scored a while back at Marshalls for $13! I totally love it. Throw it on the kitchen table and fill it with oranges or lemons (or both) and TA-DAH, the color is popping the entire area! So fun and so easy! Yet keeping it classy and simple.

I love color!

cute knobs!

I scored these beautiful door knobs on line for a screaming deal! Every single door in my house is adoringly adorned with a brand new, porcelain door knob! Eeeek! So exciting. From red, yellow, white, turquoise, yellow and green… they look fabulous! And make all the difference to my otherwise boring, basic, hollow doors.

I love them! I need to show you all some more photo’s… these two photo’s don’t do them justice! They are marvelous. They make such a huge difference to the entire house. Love at first sight… come on over and see for yourself!

And last, but most certainly not least, I splurged on this particular doorknob for the garage door… “enter” and “exit” are printed on each side, it looks so vintage and lovely!

What a difference a few door knobs can make! Happy doors = happy house!


This Halloween I found myself in need of an ‘original Hawkeye’ costume, as requested by my 5-year old son. Oh and by the way, “not the Hawkeye from the movie, the real Hawkeye from the comic”.  Huh?   I don’t really do comics, nor do I know the difference between the movie version and the comic version (or at least I didn’t use to know) so a google searching I went…  I found a lot of Hawkeye costumes, that was easy, but they were not the Hawkeye costume that my son wanted. The “real” Hawkeye is purple and blue and wears a mask “with wings”.

Here is “the real Hawkeye” as my son would tell me.

Besides being blue and purple, the mask was the most important element of the costume, Noah insisted on having a mask!

Luckily, with some searching, I found a great resource for sewing the “comic book” Hawkeye. Here I found the insperation I needed to  break out with my sewing machine and be the domestic godess /mother of the year…  link to the insperation costume at  Shwin & Shwin Blog

With the Shwin & Shwin tutorial it was easy to get the ball rolling for this costume, it was just the motivation I needed.

My biggest hang up in making this costume was my bad choice in fabric. I will admit that when it comes to fabric, I go for the pretty stuff, whatever looks good. I really don’t know how to choose “appropriate” material.  I ended up with some super awesome, shinny stuff that I loved but it was awful to sew. Come to find out, it is perfect material for lining, like coat lining. Thin, soft and silky. It was perfectly terrible for sewing a Hawkeye costume. It frayed easily and was super MESSY. Lesson learned (I think). Luckinly I bought a lot of felt, super easy to use and looked great.

And without further a-do! Here is my little Hawkeye… (Noah was over the top happy with the final product):

I was so proud of myself ! The felt mask turned out especially good. I used thin cardboard from a frozen pizza box for the mask (as well as purple felt) and sewed the felt together with the cardboard inside,… it worked like a charm, perfect! My son was sooooo happy with his outfit, he wanted to wear it every day for a week! It really made me feel good. The boot/shoe covers were a last minute request from Noah, made them real quick out of felt too. Can I just say that felt is awesome!

I pretty much whipped this costume up without a pattern and without my son. Seriously, it was so easy. I can’t wait to make something else! I am in the sewing mood… Yipee!!

Hope your Halloween is fantastic!

building a banquette

I love the idea of having built in seating. Actually, I am really fond of ‘built-ins’ in general.

Our kitchen has seen quite a few transitions in the past two years…  but nothing seemed “fitting” for our eat-in dining area. We started with a long, farmhouse table and benches. This looked good and was very functional however, for me, it just didn’t seem to flow (and looking back at the pictures, I am assuming it was because the space was a complete disaster!).

See the disaster photo below (yikes):

I do have to say that this was in the midst of all our kitchen remodeling. But this picture really takes the cake for awful! No flooring or baseboards and those brown walls! Ugh!

The window in this area is lovely. We have the most beautiful view out back (see our view here). Eating at the table, as a family, is our nightly routine. I love the farmhouse table that the HH built and I was hard pressed to change anything as it possibly meant parting with the table. However, we decided (yes we), that a banquette with a round table would probably be more suitable for this space. Not only that, we needed to break up the monotony of the ‘rectangular-ness’ of this entire space. It’s long and narrow, so maybe a round table would spice it up a little!

Here is a very rough plan of what we’d hoped to accomplish (and yes, we tried the kitchen table in the kitchen too… we were up for anything that might work):

At least there is flooring in this picture! And it shows how much progress (or regress) we’d made on the kitchen {painted cabinets & removed peninsula as seen here and here}.

So our plan was to extend the counter top another 3-4 feet, giving us some much needed space. The fridge would go (it was more of a bulky eye sore) and under counter refrigerator drawers would take it’s place – creating a long counter while still having a fridge. At the end of the counter would be the banquette/built-in seating for a new, round table/eating area.

We jumped right in! We started with blue painters tape, taping off the area where we wanted our new seating. Once we had what we felt was a good fit, we framed out the banquette with 2×4′s.  **Side note: That cute, round table was also made by the HH (I’m a lucky girl), and we used it as our ‘guide’ for shaping the seating area. We ended up purchasing a pedestal table in the end, better for overhang when the kiddos sit at the banquette.

It’s coming along nicely. A cushion might be tricky for the shape of the seating area (after thought) but I’m hopeful that I can come up with a creative & inexpensive way to take care of that.

More Banquette photo’s to come soon!

:) Heidi