bunting thermostat

I love bunting! It’s simple, sweet and makes me feel like a kid. This past weekend I decided to make some bunting out of the scrap burlap that I had from a project that didn’t turn out. I sewed material (again, scrap material that I had in a ‘scrap’ pile) across 5 triangle and voila, I had some super cute, easy to make bunting!

Best yet, it cleverly covers up the ugly thermostat, so double whammie on this simple little project! I added a few pom-poms that the boys and I made last year to the ends of the bunting, for that cutesie-fun effect. I am loving it!

I love to sew but in reality, I pretty much suck at it. If I can find a quick project that involves sewing, I’m all in. However, if it is a sewing project that entails reading directions, using patterns and push pins, I’m all out. I have no patience and need instant gratification. Sewing straight lines and easy peasy projects is totally my game!

Bunting anyone?

cute countertop idea

countertopsorganizingI love fun stuff on the counter in the kitchen but I also love the look of a clean, fuss-free counter as well. For me, cute has to also be functional. Our counter space is limited so I need to be careful not to clutter it up.

I have had two, large glass canisters (with lids) for quite some time. Here they are in the kitchen right after we started to get settled in.

I love these glass containers. I purchased them here. I actually went to the store and purchased them, I didn’t have them shipped. Very reasonable price at under $10 each… and that’s how I originally talked myself into buying them (before I even knew what I was going to do with them… bad Heidi!).

I brought them home, and there they sat… oh bother, how was I going to justify my purchase?? I think I have this dilemma too often! I find plenty of stuff that I love and want to have in my home but I am just not sure how or where to use a lot of things I “like”.

One thing I love to do in the kitchen is bake. And I especially enjoy doing it with my boys. My husband does all the cooking (lucky me) and I stick to the baking.

I knew our kitchen would eventually be white and black. I knew I wanted these glass containers on the “limited” counter space in the kitchen and they had to be functional (and used).

Here is what I cam up with {love it}:

EEK!!! I am super excited about these. Aren’t they lovely? One has flour and one has sugar! PERFECT! Okay, I do have to admit that we do most of our cooking with wheat flour, but I wanted white substance in the clear containers so I went with white, whole wheat flour and regular ole’ white sugar.

To top it off and give it an official ‘baking kitchen’ look I purchased these scoops on line. Super deal at $5 each, I couldn’t pass them up.

I am totally smitten with my canisters. They are very functional and the large mouth tops make it very easy for kid access too.