colorful accents

Adding a little color really makes things feel a bit more cheerful.

This is a lamp on my counter in the kitchen. I took a piece of material and wrapped the shade to give it a boost of ‘fun’! Then I added some simple ribbon around the bottom and top to give it a bit more finished look. This lamp is one of my favorite pieces in my house. And it gets a ton of compliments from all who see it. Super easy accent of color… a fun lampshade.

Here is one of many family wall photo-collage areas. I love photo’s (like no duh). The computer was unable to escape this picture, hiding there under the fun little pillow, finally taking a rest! Here is another ‘colorful’ area of my house… loving the orange/coral chair, the turquoise vase and the colorful pillow. Simple ways to take my white family wall of photo’s to a fantastic area to hang out and feel happy!

Probably the easiest way to add colorful accents are the small things! Like this beautiful bowl that I scored a while back at Marshalls for $13! I totally love it. Throw it on the kitchen table and fill it with oranges or lemons (or both) and TA-DAH, the color is popping the entire area! So fun and so easy! Yet keeping it classy and simple.

I love color!


I just wanted to say how much I love creating on Olioboard.

Today I dreamed up a fun, modern yet playful living room. I could totally see myself and the fan-dam hanging out in this space, enjoying each others company or reading a good book… ain’t it grand?!

Here are my thoghts:

#1. I would love a grey sectional sofa. Our current sofa is falling apart. I died it grey a little over a year ago (yes, I dyed it) and it helped for a little while but the sad truth of the matter is we need a new one. Comfort will be a major factor and the narrow living room makes it nearly impossible to have anything large. I love the low back on this sectional, our living room will need something similar. The low back helps make the sofa appear smaller and opens up the room where a normal sofa would block space, valuable space in our loooong, bowling-like alley living room

#2. An accent chair! YES! One in orange? Ohhhhh, that would be dreamy! I would love this bright pop of color and orange ties in well with the many bright aqua-turquoise accents I already have in the kitchen.

#3. Out with our coffee table and in with an ottoman. I need the space and coffee tables (in my opinion) are better served in a large, formal living room. I need something functional, small and versatile. I love the idea that it can be a foot rest or a seat for extra company. I could always slap a tray on it and use it as a temporary coffee table when needed. This is why a small ottoman would be perfect for our space.

#4. An arc lamp because I have arc lamp envy! See more here

#5. I am so totally, completely loving the bright canvas paintings. I think some big, fun paintings of our dogs and the kids would be so great in our living room. We are really limited on wall space but I may have to find a way to get some of these! Talk about a great statement piece, I love these paintings, so creative and unique!

#6. Some hints of brass. Yes, gold/brass is making a come back and I love it.  I even dream of brass fixtures in my future kitchen (that kitchen that dreams are made of… ohhh, I think another Olioboard  idea has come to light). I would love to see some brass as it is warm, inviting and adds a little flair to the space.

#6. Love the rug and I love stripes and I would love a navy striped rug. Not sure if that will ever happen (2 boys and 2 dogs… no white striped rugs). BUt I love throwing in some navy to the space.

#7. I always need some storage and I loved this vintage looking basket. It would be perfect for blankets and/or pillows.


Do you do Olioboard? If so, lets connect!