I am a color-lovin-junkie. I admit it!

Lately I have been lovin’ on Fiestaware. I currently have a stock pile of white dishes, I love my white and they have stood the test of time (they really are timeless). However, I am just dying (yes, I am dying) to get my hands on some Fiestaware. White is great but truth be told, it gets a bit boring, it’s very ‘safe’.

My “other” mother (she’s been my moms bff for 30+years and always been in my life) has collected Fiestaware for years. She has an amazing collection. Her mother collected Fiestaware too. Sandie (my “other” mother) has a lot of timeless, discontinued pieces that are just amazing.

I too want to be a collector of something, maybe it should be Fiestaware?! And it’s made in the USA, so that’s a perk too!

Here are some great ‘inspiration’ photos of the lovely, eye-catching, drool worthy Fiestaware.

source: Dillards


source: fiestafactorydirect

source: Macys

Wouldn’t this dinnerware make a great addition to my kitchen (or any kitchen for that matter? I think it would for sure! it’s lovely and the color options seem plentiful. I am really digging the new flamingo color. I also love the tangerine and turquoise.

Do you have Fiestaware? Do you love it and has it stood the test of time (not only in quality but function and design)?

And here is a great link to some background information on Fiestaware.