party decor + tissue paper

I love to throw a party but more than that, I love to plan and decorate for a party! Unfortunately I haven’t really found the time to party much lately (like in the past three years).  The last big party I threw (2010),  with DIY decorations and all (as in I went all out) was for my son’s 6th birthday. We were leaving San Diego + leaving a lot of our family and good friends so we made a big splash for our final hoorah. My son had a candy themed pool party, and it was totally awesome.

Here are photos from that super fun party:

We really went all out on this one.  I was purchasing bulk candy months ahead of time, it was fun to shop and prep for this theme. This was a really fun party to throw. In addition to candy I made tons of cool stuff: labels, belly bands, banners, lollipop invitations, candy centerpiece and tons of other super cute things.

I put pictures of Collin in plastic frames throughout the decorations, for a personal touch & I matched his invitations + pictures+ decor with coordinating striped paper. There was so much candy I couldn’t give it all away. After the party we had tons of left over treats (and that’s no good for my thighs, seeing as how I’m a major sweet tooth).

Now, on to the present and my reason for this post. ANOTHER PARTY!!! Whoop! Whoop! And this one is going to be fabulous too! My niece (who I totally adore) and my mom (greatest woman on earth) share their birthdays. This year, my niece is turning sweet 16 and my mom will be 60! So fun! My mom is a bit on the down-low about a major celebration and she isn’t into crowds and/or lots of people, but she will party on my nieces behalf. Luckily, I am the party planner for this event, I can keep it low-key + fun. Holla!

To keep everyone happy, it’s a family affair + a few of my nieces girlfriends (of course, can’t turn the b-i-g 16 without a few good friends in attendance).  I am just starting to plan this party, and I don’t have much time but I work well on a tight schedule. The big difference between planning this party and the one I did for Candy-land, I work a 50/hr week job in addition to everything else. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can still pump out something fabulous!.

My first project…. why decorations of course! I love DIY decor and cheap, affordable Dollar Store stuff that I can make fabulous. So here I go.

Tissue paper pom-pom balls (or whatever they’re called). I have seen these all over Pinterest and the web so I thought I’d give it a whirl.


Supplies:  * I used what I had. Luckily I have a ton of tissue paper (great Dollar Store buy, I always stock up on tissue paper).  Scissors, tissue paper (multi-color or all solid) and yarn (or string or wire or whatever you can find that you already have… I have a ton of yarn).

I made a purple, multi-color tissue ball first. I used 8 sheets of tissue paper, in different shades of purple.

Accordion fold the (stacked) tissue paper until you have what looks like a fan. Tie your string/yarn/wire around the middle. Tie it firm but not too tight. Will look like this.

Trim the ends. I did my first few balls with rounded edges. ** My boys ended up helping me make a few of these too, and they wanted to make the ends into points, and so we cut triangular, sharp-looking ends and those turned out super cute too!

Ever-so-gently start to separate your tissue papers. As in, lick-your-finger style. Separate each sheet on each side of the tied center. As you start to pull and separate, the ball magically begins to form. These are so awesome!! And my boys enjoyed helping too. Fun project for the whole family!

For now, we have made 6 tissue balls and I am officially our of tissue paper! We have them hanging from our pendant lights in the kitchen and they look adorable! I made some smaller ones too, I used four full sheets of tissue paper, cut them in half to have 8 smaller sheets and did the same thing to make a smaller scale ball (like the solid blue and purple one you see in the photo).

This is just the beginning of my decorating frenzy!

More to come!