Banquette Update

An update for the post I originally posted HERE on our banquette adventure. We’ve made changes since these pictures and still haven’t quite settled into the area but it’s starting to feel a bit more “like home”.

Here is where we left off:

And now we are here:

That’s progress!!! Yeah! It’s coming along well. Looks comfortable and ready for use!

building a banquette

I love the idea of having built in seating. Actually, I am really fond of ‘built-ins’ in general.

Our kitchen has seen quite a few transitions in the past two years…  but nothing seemed “fitting” for our eat-in dining area. We started with a long, farmhouse table and benches. This looked good and was very functional however, for me, it just didn’t seem to flow (and looking back at the pictures, I am assuming it was because the space was a complete disaster!).

See the disaster photo below (yikes):

I do have to say that this was in the midst of all our kitchen remodeling. But this picture really takes the cake for awful! No flooring or baseboards and those brown walls! Ugh!

The window in this area is lovely. We have the most beautiful view out back (see our view here). Eating at the table, as a family, is our nightly routine. I love the farmhouse table that the HH built and I was hard pressed to change anything as it possibly meant parting with the table. However, we decided (yes we), that a banquette with a round table would probably be more suitable for this space. Not only that, we needed to break up the monotony of the ‘rectangular-ness’ of this entire space. It’s long and narrow, so maybe a round table would spice it up a little!

Here is a very rough plan of what we’d hoped to accomplish (and yes, we tried the kitchen table in the kitchen too… we were up for anything that might work):

At least there is flooring in this picture! And it shows how much progress (or regress) we’d made on the kitchen {painted cabinets & removed peninsula as seen here and here}.

So our plan was to extend the counter top another 3-4 feet, giving us some much needed space. The fridge would go (it was more of a bulky eye sore) and under counter refrigerator drawers would take it’s place – creating a long counter while still having a fridge. At the end of the counter would be the banquette/built-in seating for a new, round table/eating area.

We jumped right in! We started with blue painters tape, taping off the area where we wanted our new seating. Once we had what we felt was a good fit, we framed out the banquette with 2×4′s.  **Side note: That cute, round table was also made by the HH (I’m a lucky girl), and we used it as our ‘guide’ for shaping the seating area. We ended up purchasing a pedestal table in the end, better for overhang when the kiddos sit at the banquette.

It’s coming along nicely. A cushion might be tricky for the shape of the seating area (after thought) but I’m hopeful that I can come up with a creative & inexpensive way to take care of that.

More Banquette photo’s to come soon!

:) Heidi