party success

Life is super busy around here as I’m sure it is in most households during this wild-fun-chaotic-lovely time of year. My post is a little behind and the holidays are my excuse (I need a lot of excuses)!

The sweet 16 and 60th combo party went off without a hitch! Both my niece and mom had a fun time.

The kids felt extra special as they got to be waiters/waitresses for the party. My mom made little aprons for the three kiddo’s and she  purchased waitress guest receipt pads (or whatever those things are called…I’m at a lack of words here). So the three younger kids “waited” on my mom, my niece and her friends. It was extra special as everyone was included. The hubs whipped up amazing food and I assisted where needed (a fill-in-the-blank assistant).

The decorations turned out simply amazing! The cakes were a HUGE hit and at an extra affordable price (shout out here to Albertons for the amazing cakes! Fondant, custom cakes for under $30, WOW!). We added the feathers, and the diamond style band for flare. I was so impressed with the cakes. I had quotes for over $100 for similar cakes… but I wanted to spend some money in other areas, not just on the cakes. Albertsons really saved the day. This is my opinion, no one paid me to say this, just being honest! :)

As a special surprise, I set up a photo booth in the garage. That was a huge hit! I will post more on how I set up the photo booth (in another post)… here are a few pictures from the booth!

And one of the super cute wait staff…

The hubs and I, being especially goofy!

The photo booth was SO MUCH FUN!!! I have an entire post on the photo booth and how to make your own. This was such a big hit that I plan to do it at my son’s 10th birthday this spring. The kids (and adults) loved it!

The kids did such a great job waiting on everyone, it was fun to serve apple cider and fell super fancy at the same time. We roasted marshmallows at the campfire, had an amazing smores/tea/coca bar (thanks to aunt Jeanette). The party was very relaxed and so much fun that I want to do it again!!

I had fun making coca for everyone in the morning. Don’t mind the toe in the photo, that’s just a sweet kiddo sitting on the floor, next to their hot coco!

We finished off the weekend with some sledding! Perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

BIrthday Success

It was a success!! Here is our happy EIGHT year old! We love you buddy!

Sleepover / Camp out was SO fun! It was a great experience!! We roasted marshmallows, lit sparklers, BBQ’d, played games and stayed up really, really late! Good times and hopefully good memories for our sweet boy! xoxo…

The Crew! Great friends.

These were Yummy!!! In the frozen section, near the ice cream cakes at Safeway… Ice Cream Cupcakes!!! How cool is that?! Pretty darn cool (IMO)… :)

Roasting Smores is a favorite for me! Love this cute picture!

And because these boys were up bright and early the party didn’t stop here! We went on an adventure in the forest and built a really cool fort! (Sorry, no camera… I forgot it and was having too much fun to care).

See HERE to see our countdown to Birthday and HERE for the sweet cards my son and I made to invite his friends over for the sleepover. And our fun little treat bags for the boys that we made HERE.

Birthday party treat bags…

We are super excited around here!! Getting ready for Collin’s big #8!!! I can’t believe my baby is almost 8, time is fleeting…

Collin has been awaiting this day like no other! It’s almost here. Sleepover time is coming!! 7 boys and a ton a fun this upcoming weekend!!!! Exciting!

Since we are having a sleepover we tried to stick to a camping/boy theme. For the treat bags we are going to give each guest some fun stuff:

Metal, outdoor flashlight (Home Depot)

Glow bars to wear at night (Dollar Store)

Pop It’s (Dollar Store)

Sparklers (Dollar Store)

Card Game: this reminded me of camping. (Walmart, purchased Phase 10)

Candy – no “treat” bag is complete without candy!! My son love sthe wax candies with the gel inside so that’s what we added to the bags.

Don’t forget to check out our Birthday Countdown HERE and the sweet (& simple) cards that my son and I made for his party HERE.

Birthday Count Down

We have a new tradition around here… the Birthday count down chain. This started with my youngest son, he asked me everyday, sometimes 4 or 5 times a day “how much longer until my birthday?”  In an effort to help him understand how long it would be until his big, special day, we mad a chain.

The boys and I cut different colors of construction paper into 2-3″ strips (this is super easy). Then I helped write the days on each strip. I gave each boy about 15 days (15 strips) and they made two sections of the chain that eventually became one long section. This way they were both involved!

We used glue at first them ended up with the stapler to put the strips together.

It’s almost finished!!

Once it’s all one, we hang it up (just use a tack) and the “soon-to-be” birthday boy tears off one section of the chain each day, and one by one the chain starts to get smaller and smaller until FINALLY, it’s BIRTHDAY time!!