BIrthday Success

It was a success!! Here is our happy EIGHT year old! We love you buddy!

Sleepover / Camp out was SO fun! It was a great experience!! We roasted marshmallows, lit sparklers, BBQ’d, played games and stayed up really, really late! Good times and hopefully good memories for our sweet boy! xoxo…

The Crew! Great friends.

These were Yummy!!! In the frozen section, near the ice cream cakes at Safeway… Ice Cream Cupcakes!!! How cool is that?! Pretty darn cool (IMO)… :)

Roasting Smores is a favorite for me! Love this cute picture!

And because these boys were up bright and early the party didn’t stop here! We went on an adventure in the forest and built a really cool fort! (Sorry, no camera… I forgot it and was having too much fun to care).

See HERE to see our countdown to Birthday and HERE for the sweet cards my son and I made to invite his friends over for the sleepover. And our fun little treat bags for the boys that we made HERE.