Kitchen Armoire

I have a black armoire. It has two matching sets of bookshelves to compliment the armoire. I saved up my money for months, back in 2008, to purchase the lovely Ballard Design armoire/computer hutch that I so desperately needed wanted. It was a beautiful thing: fitting ever so perfectly into a large open space in our house that was full of ‘open, empty space’. I loved that computer-armoire set as much as anything else (okay, maybe not as much as my kids or husband, etc… but you get the point). It was perfect for doing my photography and design work. I especially loved being able to close the doors and the mess magically went away, POOF, all clean.

Fast forward to our big move in summer of 2010…

Smaller house, not a single spot for my big, beautiful armoire and flanking bookshelves. I thought about separating the book cases but I just couldn’t bring myself in allowing them to part ways… I HAD to find somewhere for my big beast beauty, I JUST HAD TO! Game on!

Here is a hint… look and see if you can guess where I decided to put that armoire AND those book shelves:

See the **HINT** ??

I know, that is where the refrigerator is suppose to go, but hey… who needs a fridge when they have a beautiful computer armoire (with matching book shelves) that they saved their $$ for for MONTHS? Frigde, smidge! I got this covered.

And here is how I explained it to my husband:

Needless to say, he wasn’t really on board. Guess I can’t blame him.

But lets fast forward to present day… wood floors are in, cabinets are painted (and a lot of them removed), Ikea butcher block counters, a stove, etc… see how it looks now: (I am patting myself on the back right now)…

Thoughts? Well you may guess what I think… I LOVE IT! Not only does it look great and almost like it was custom built for that space, it is a MAJOR MUTI-TASKER! Double Whammy on this project! I do have to fess up however, the handy hubby did have to cut off the crown moulding on the book cases, on each side, as there was not enough room … it was a sacrifice I had to make… & glad I did!!

Some more eye candy:

These pictures really don’t do it justice… I will take some in the daylight for the kitchen reveal, and it will really show how awesome the armoire looks in this space. And… I can show you where our refrigerator is!

My favorite things about having this armoire computer hutch-turned-kitchen-cabinet…

#1. looks custom, adds style and drama to a dull space

#2. it was free (paid for years ago… see my story above)

#3. it always looks clean, just have to shut the doors

#4. all the extra space we got and being able to hide most of our kitchen appliances (mixer, toaster, microwave, etc)

#5. the little custom items we added: pencil sharpener that pulls out (what use to be the desk top for a key board), cork board, pull out shelf for the mixer.

What do you think?