Just Lovely

A few things that were lovely for me these past few weeks…

* My 1st grader, proudly completed his book report project before it was due. He was excited to get it done and had fun doing it. I helped with the waves, I couldn’t resist when he said “mom, you are good with scissors”. Don’t you love the photo? What a character!

* Dreaming about an Airstream (yes, we are buying a vintage fixer upper… like we need another project). See my mood board here.  We want to go white, grey and pops of little color. Bunk beds would be great too! We ‘purchased’ a 1968 International 28′. But the sweet gal we bought it from and her son, haven’t been able to get it out of the yard as there are a lot of other vehicles and “stuff” that still needs to be moved out of the way. So we wait (the waiting is killing me). But if that gives you any ideas of the condition it’s in… hasn’t moved in over 15 years, a tree grew around it and broke one window, it’s missing two other windows, we had to crawl through the back window to get  inside to see it (door is broken), lot’s of dents, flat tires and original carpet. Say a prayer for us now, we are going to be in over our heads! What can I say? The old girl just spoke to us, so we bought her! Keeping my fingers crossed. NO pictures but she looks similar to this on the outside (but not in that good of condition).

* I’ve been having some fun playing around with my longer locks lately (so maybe I’ll hold off on chopping it all off this summer), found this blog through Pinterest, her tutorials are awesome. See the one I did today here.

* We are nearing our the end of ski season and my second year of coaching, the boys did great this year. My Loveys. xoxo

* Going to catch some warmer weather for spring break and put the boat in the water for the first time this season, so EXCITING!! Keeping my fingers crossed that we can find some quiet places to hang out while we’re here, working on my tan! Crazy place to be for spring break, especially since I’m almost 40 and I don’t wear a bikini, my boobs sag and our boat is little. But hey! We just wanna have some family fun in the sun (and maybe some people watching while we’re at it, lol)!

* Found this super cute key chain for our new trailer. I’m getting excited for our future camping adventures in the Airstream! I’ve ordered the “trailer trash” one, of course!!

Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead!

All my best,