working full time – history

Thought this photo was fitting for this post! No that’s not me but I wish I had her figure! lol

I have always “worked full time”. I went to college in the 90′s and was a waitresses at two local restaurants (one was early morning shifts during the week and weekends and the other was a steak house weekend nights). Looking back I am not really sure how I functioned with a full load at school and maintained those jobs. But I do remember that I had needs wants: my own place, gas, car payment, beer. That pretty much sums up my life then, nearly 20 years ago – work to play!

After college I moved out of my home town of Flagstaff, taking the first job I was offered. I was to be a 5th grade teacher in Las Vegas Nevada, exciting! The early summer of 1998 I packed up and headed out, all alone and on a mission to start my ‘professional’ life. I loved my job. I found it very rewarding and the hours were awesome. I was young, single and committed to being the best teacher I could be. Although I was at work 1 hour before the school day started and at least 2 hours after each day ended, it was way better than being a waitress and I didn’t have to work weekends any more… life was good in ‘that’ way. I was however lonely. Las Vegas was depressing, to me. The kids I worked with were poverty stricken and their homes were drug driven, I felt bad for my students. I threw myself into doing all I could do  and by the end of my first year it had taken a toll on my life, like nothing ever had. I was also faced with making another big decision… moving… to be closer to my then boyfriend of 5 months (whom I never saw because of the distance between us).

I took a leap of faith, moved to San Diego without a job but for love. And back to being a waitress I went. It didn’t last long, my body was not ready to commit to being back in the restaurant business. I substitute taught every chance I got, I applied all over the county, I pushed, pulled, begged & more, and I volunteered …. not but 5 months into living in San Diego, I had a long term substitute position at a middle school. I LOVED THAT SCHOOL. I was there for almost 5 years. I was given a contract after the long term sub job was up, they said they loved me and I couldn’t be happier.

The summer of 2001 I was married to that boyfriend and I am so glad I took the leap to move to California to be with him.

Summer of 2004 we had our first child and I decided to leave my awesome job to take on my next amazing position as a full time mother. 2007 I was rewarded with another baby boy, life was good and I was still enjoying my time as a full time mom. Rewarding is an understatement. This was my best “job” yet.

Summer of 2010 our family decided to move to Flagstaff AZ, to be closer to my family and for a ‘better quality of life’. Not that San Diego life wasn’t quality, it was and we still travel back home about 6 times a year. But our ‘quality of life’ needs were  good air, less people, less rules, room to run around, smaller schools, and so on. Of course we’ve been lucky to find that in Flagstaff. We absolutely love it here, it’s wonderful! See what a local article in Sunset Magazine had to say here.

Once we were settled in Flagstaff I made the desicion to head back to work full time. I was offered a good job and it afforded my husband the opportunity to stay home with the boys and start his new business from home while they went to school.

Fast forward to today. Still working, but feeling conflicted in my choices. First and foremost I need to provide for my family but I also want to be a good mother and wife at the same time. Finding that balance has been difficult for me. Being a mother, wife and employee has been the hardest job of my entire life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything (not a thing), but I really need to work on finding that balance and letting go of the things in life that don’t fullfill me or help with that balance.

I have neglected this blog since day one. I enjoy it immensely; writing, taking pictures, documenting, and more gives me that time and place to escape and be myself. I want SO badly to have a “great” blog with tons of neat ideas, DIY and advise. However, finding the time to do that has been a huge CHALLENGE for me.

What I want to say is, if you read my blog, thank you. Please understand that it will probably never be that daily blog of resources chaulked full of great things. It will however be an ongoing source of information, just not on a daily basis but more of a when-I-can get to it type of blog. Probably not the best choice if I want to make money or get a lot of followers. It is however the best choice for me right now as it is realistic and the best I can do with where I’m at. One day, maybe (and hopefully) I can do more!!

Thank you for following & please keep coming back!

:) Heidi