colorful accents

Adding a little color really makes things feel a bit more cheerful.

This is a lamp on my counter in the kitchen. I took a piece of material and wrapped the shade to give it a boost of ‘fun’! Then I added some simple ribbon around the bottom and top to give it a bit more finished look. This lamp is one of my favorite pieces in my house. And it gets a ton of compliments from all who see it. Super easy accent of color… a fun lampshade.

Here is one of many family wall photo-collage areas. I love photo’s (like no duh). The computer was unable to escape this picture, hiding there under the fun little pillow, finally taking a rest! Here is another ‘colorful’ area of my house… loving the orange/coral chair, the turquoise vase and the colorful pillow. Simple ways to take my white family wall of photo’s to a fantastic area to hang out and feel happy!

Probably the easiest way to add colorful accents are the small things! Like this beautiful bowl that I scored a while back at Marshalls for $13! I totally love it. Throw it on the kitchen table and fill it with oranges or lemons (or both) and TA-DAH, the color is popping the entire area! So fun and so easy! Yet keeping it classy and simple.

I love color!

building a banquette

I love the idea of having built in seating. Actually, I am really fond of ‘built-ins’ in general.

Our kitchen has seen quite a few transitions in the past two years…  but nothing seemed “fitting” for our eat-in dining area. We started with a long, farmhouse table and benches. This looked good and was very functional however, for me, it just didn’t seem to flow (and looking back at the pictures, I am assuming it was because the space was a complete disaster!).

See the disaster photo below (yikes):

I do have to say that this was in the midst of all our kitchen remodeling. But this picture really takes the cake for awful! No flooring or baseboards and those brown walls! Ugh!

The window in this area is lovely. We have the most beautiful view out back (see our view here). Eating at the table, as a family, is our nightly routine. I love the farmhouse table that the HH built and I was hard pressed to change anything as it possibly meant parting with the table. However, we decided (yes we), that a banquette with a round table would probably be more suitable for this space. Not only that, we needed to break up the monotony of the ‘rectangular-ness’ of this entire space. It’s long and narrow, so maybe a round table would spice it up a little!

Here is a very rough plan of what we’d hoped to accomplish (and yes, we tried the kitchen table in the kitchen too… we were up for anything that might work):

At least there is flooring in this picture! And it shows how much progress (or regress) we’d made on the kitchen {painted cabinets & removed peninsula as seen here and here}.

So our plan was to extend the counter top another 3-4 feet, giving us some much needed space. The fridge would go (it was more of a bulky eye sore) and under counter refrigerator drawers would take it’s place – creating a long counter while still having a fridge. At the end of the counter would be the banquette/built-in seating for a new, round table/eating area.

We jumped right in! We started with blue painters tape, taping off the area where we wanted our new seating. Once we had what we felt was a good fit, we framed out the banquette with 2×4′s.  **Side note: That cute, round table was also made by the HH (I’m a lucky girl), and we used it as our ‘guide’ for shaping the seating area. We ended up purchasing a pedestal table in the end, better for overhang when the kiddos sit at the banquette.

It’s coming along nicely. A cushion might be tricky for the shape of the seating area (after thought) but I’m hopeful that I can come up with a creative & inexpensive way to take care of that.

More Banquette photo’s to come soon!

:) Heidi



I just wanted to say how much I love creating on Olioboard.

Today I dreamed up a fun, modern yet playful living room. I could totally see myself and the fan-dam hanging out in this space, enjoying each others company or reading a good book… ain’t it grand?!

Here are my thoghts:

#1. I would love a grey sectional sofa. Our current sofa is falling apart. I died it grey a little over a year ago (yes, I dyed it) and it helped for a little while but the sad truth of the matter is we need a new one. Comfort will be a major factor and the narrow living room makes it nearly impossible to have anything large. I love the low back on this sectional, our living room will need something similar. The low back helps make the sofa appear smaller and opens up the room where a normal sofa would block space, valuable space in our loooong, bowling-like alley living room

#2. An accent chair! YES! One in orange? Ohhhhh, that would be dreamy! I would love this bright pop of color and orange ties in well with the many bright aqua-turquoise accents I already have in the kitchen.

#3. Out with our coffee table and in with an ottoman. I need the space and coffee tables (in my opinion) are better served in a large, formal living room. I need something functional, small and versatile. I love the idea that it can be a foot rest or a seat for extra company. I could always slap a tray on it and use it as a temporary coffee table when needed. This is why a small ottoman would be perfect for our space.

#4. An arc lamp because I have arc lamp envy! See more here

#5. I am so totally, completely loving the bright canvas paintings. I think some big, fun paintings of our dogs and the kids would be so great in our living room. We are really limited on wall space but I may have to find a way to get some of these! Talk about a great statement piece, I love these paintings, so creative and unique!

#6. Some hints of brass. Yes, gold/brass is making a come back and I love it.  I even dream of brass fixtures in my future kitchen (that kitchen that dreams are made of… ohhh, I think another Olioboard  idea has come to light). I would love to see some brass as it is warm, inviting and adds a little flair to the space.

#6. Love the rug and I love stripes and I would love a navy striped rug. Not sure if that will ever happen (2 boys and 2 dogs… no white striped rugs). BUt I love throwing in some navy to the space.

#7. I always need some storage and I loved this vintage looking basket. It would be perfect for blankets and/or pillows.


Do you do Olioboard? If so, lets connect!

Flagstaff Sunset

We have some of the most amazing sunsets here in Flagstaff and especially during the monsoon season. This is by far, my favorite time of year up here in Northern Arizona. I am no expert at photographing sunsets, nor am I patient enough to get the perfect shot… but here are a few shots from last night. I was awe struck, there are not many views that get better than this!

This photo (above) is my view from the kitchen window! And it’s also the view from our back patio area. Honestly, this photo doesn’t even look real to me, nor does it look half as amazing as the real thing.

This is the side view from my house. The sunset was literally surrounding us and it was so totally captivating!! I just wish I had a lens that was a little wider. I seriously couldn’t take enough pictures to do this sunset justice! It was truly amazing.


here is the view that I woke up to on Monday morning!!! Holy smokes! Fantastic. I feel like I’m on vacation. How surreal is this? Love it!

cute countertop idea

countertopsorganizingI love fun stuff on the counter in the kitchen but I also love the look of a clean, fuss-free counter as well. For me, cute has to also be functional. Our counter space is limited so I need to be careful not to clutter it up.

I have had two, large glass canisters (with lids) for quite some time. Here they are in the kitchen right after we started to get settled in.

I love these glass containers. I purchased them here. I actually went to the store and purchased them, I didn’t have them shipped. Very reasonable price at under $10 each… and that’s how I originally talked myself into buying them (before I even knew what I was going to do with them… bad Heidi!).

I brought them home, and there they sat… oh bother, how was I going to justify my purchase?? I think I have this dilemma too often! I find plenty of stuff that I love and want to have in my home but I am just not sure how or where to use a lot of things I “like”.

One thing I love to do in the kitchen is bake. And I especially enjoy doing it with my boys. My husband does all the cooking (lucky me) and I stick to the baking.

I knew our kitchen would eventually be white and black. I knew I wanted these glass containers on the “limited” counter space in the kitchen and they had to be functional (and used).

Here is what I cam up with {love it}:

EEK!!! I am super excited about these. Aren’t they lovely? One has flour and one has sugar! PERFECT! Okay, I do have to admit that we do most of our cooking with wheat flour, but I wanted white substance in the clear containers so I went with white, whole wheat flour and regular ole’ white sugar.

To top it off and give it an official ‘baking kitchen’ look I purchased these scoops on line. Super deal at $5 each, I couldn’t pass them up.

I am totally smitten with my canisters. They are very functional and the large mouth tops make it very easy for kid access too.


color pop in kitchen

It’s no secret. My house is full of color. My last home was not… isn’t that strange? I guess it seems a little odd to me because going from tan walls and brown furnishings to really light blue walls and bright furnishings is like a complete 360! This home (which we’ve inhabited for 2 years this month), was begging to be lightened up. I couldn’t bear to be drab, and Sunset (that’s what we call our new home) was tired of her traditional, beige/earth tone look, she wanted some spice in her life! And that’s just what we’ve been giving her!

Sunset seemed to talk to me. Our new home wanted a change and just as we found her in our big change from San Diego to Flagstaff, I wanted the some change too… some color, some excitement, some fun surroundings…

That’s where we’ve gone, oh yes, to the next level. COLOR. Hooray! I. Love. Color. Give me more! Sunset is already full of color and I have so many more plans but best of all, I’ve never looked back and I couldn’t be happier with the design choices we’ve made.

It. Was. Meant. To. Be. And I know that moving here and into this house was all “meant to be”. It feels right, like the perfect pair of jeans.

Here is a peak at one of many colorful, fun pops of my favorite home color:

This is the range hood in our kitchen (obviously) and it’s a major focal point. I bought the hood for a mere $5 at Habitat for Humanity. It’s old and it’s loud but it’s got character and I totally love it! I brought it home, scrubbed it down (and I mean I really had to scrub) primed it and painted! TA-DO!! True love {swoon}.

And in case you haven’t seen… here is our lovely kitchen right after we moved in… {so brown}:

Really, it wasn’t terrible. BUT THOSE FLOORS!! Again! The same, lovely 80′s vinyl from the dog room. And so much BROWN. I felt like we were drowning in brown. Brown Cabinets. Brown counters. Brown paint. Brown Carpet.

As you can see (slightly) we have since painted the cabinets white, added some subway tile and if you look really hard, there are black counters. Big changes! Can’t wait to share all those with you too (soon, I promise).

And one more picture just because I can’t leave out how cool the range hood really is! Check out the retro sign on the front of the hood, {swoon}! I love it! Details, it’s all about the details!


Drawer organized

We have one, yes only one, large drawer in our kitchen. In order to make up for the “lack of” drawer space, I keep wooden spoons & rolling pins in a counter top container and other miscellaneous kitchen utencils in another counter top container (so many containers).

Some other things go in the big drawer… only selective, well used items will be staying in the drawer and the “not used” items go to giveaway or trash. TIME TO CLEAN OUT!

My first attempt was a good idea (patting myself on the back right now). I wanted an immediate fix so I decided to collect some box tops to organize my drawer. I found a sample perfume box that was PERFECT, and I used the top from one of my shoe boxes. I was excited how it turned out, it was a perfect, temporary solution to my messy drawer.

However, I wanted something more professional looking for this drawer.

On my next trip to Ikea (which is over 300 miles round trip) I scooped up a drawer organizing kit: Rationell

Little did I know, my one big drawer is a wee bit longer than the Ikea organizer. Bummer!

I did however like the way the Rationell rails looked, so I decided to try and “make it work”.

My solution for those gaps = cardboard! I know, so fancy and totally professional, just what I was going for!!

This has not my best  one of my best moves in the design department but I will say that my drawer is looking 100 times better than it ever has, gaps, cardboard and all. For now, I’m content. For later, I will need to find a better solution that doesn’t include cardboard.

Thin Crust Pizza

A YUMMY TREAT THAT THE HUBBY MAKES – Thin Crust (home made) Pizza  {drooling as I write}

This is a simple and yet superb meal to make at home.

#1. THE STUFF (& PRE HEAT THE OVEN TO 425 degrees, please)

Flour (wheat or white… we’ve made both. Sean prefers white flour for the thin crust style) about 2 cups

A bit of salt

Olive Oil

Yeast (1 pkt)

Water (3/4 – 1c. warm water)

toppings of choice


First, soak the yeast for about 5 minutes (soak it in the 3/4 cup of warm water).

Second, add the flour and salt to the yeast and mix/kneed until well blended. Cover for about 15 minutes and let the dough rise.

#3. ROLL YOUR DOUGH (roll it to fit your pan)

We roll it right on our kitchen island. We are totally classy and wrap the island with some super-duper saran wrap, add a few dashes of flour and our trusty rolling pin… and away we he goes (there is no “we” here, who am I kidding, Sean does ALL the cooking).


Splash on some olive oil… you don’t need a lot but don’t be shy either

Add your Mozzarella cheese. A few handfuls should suffice. No need to over do it.


We LOVE salami on our pizza, our boys can’t get enough of it. We also add Ricotta cheese (dabs of it here and there), garlic, basil and bell peppers (and depending on our moods, we give and take in the toppings department).


Over should be preheated to 425 degrees.

Slap that bad boy in the oven. Wait about 10-12 minutes, check that the cheese is melted and if so, it’s ready!

#7. EAT & ENJOY!!

DIY Lantern Pendant

I am totally smitten with the lantern pendants.

I NEED really want one in my kitchen.  But let’s be realistic, I have a lot of things on my need want list, so I need to keep it real and keep it cheap affordable. Most of the lanterns that I am really loving (like the yellow one below) are $$$$.  Plus, how am I going to live up to the name of HK Creations if I am not “creative” in my endeavors?


Here are some inspiration pictures for the creative juices:


I  LOOOOOVE this one! The bold yellow color is M A G I C A L!!! Source HERE 


Source – Barn light electric
Source: Pottery Barn
Source: Windsor
Fast forward to a little shopping trip at Tuesday Morning and…
…LOOK what I found {can you hear the excitement in my voice?? It’s high pitched and I may be jumping around!!):
Isn’t she a beauty? Just imagine the possabilities! Maybe even in YELLOW {gasp}!! I am too excited.
AND, it get’s better…
It was only $30!!!  Yes, it’s missing a piece of glass. No problem! Just eyeballing this lantern I can see that the glass size is about 8×10 in size. Either I can buy a piece or steal one from an unused frame!!
To my delight, I have found the perfect lantern. Now I need to take it from candles only to electric light pendant!
SO exciting!!
Stay tuned… Can’t wait to show you what I do with this little gem!

Home Tour, Paint & More

 From Brown and Blahhhh to Light and Happy!  

 Here is a post with some of  the “before we moved in pictures”

* The primary paint colors in my house:


The base boards and trim are all in Martha Stewart’s Pink Sea Salt. It has a very faint pink tint, however, it looks soft white. I LOVE this color!

My walls are in Opal and guest room and dog room are in Peacock Blue.

Accents around my home, like my outdoor table in this post with my green chairs, my round dining table, and the hood above my stove are all in the Lagoon color.

And, just added, this color to my soon-to-be craft/office space. Yellow! Yeah!

I love color… can you tell?!!

♥  MY HOME  ♥ {some of it}: