Paper garland DIY

Like I said, I am in PARTY mode for the next few weeks… holla! Who doesn’t loave a party?! I just hate having to clean up my house (I dread cleaning, then re-cleaning when the party is over, yuck). But it’s all workth it, this upcoming party is long over due. Celebrating my niece (Sweet 16) and my mom (the big 6-0!).

Last night I tried my luck at some paper garland. This was my insperation photo:

Source: JCPenney – Martha Stewart Collection

To make this project as simple as possible (I’m a lazy simple girl), I punched out the paper circles with my old-but-handy craft puncher (from my days of scrabooking – and I never did finish a scrapbook, epic fail on my part).

This was easy! SUPER easy! I used a light weight card stock paper for this (paper that I already had).

I made some guides on my sewing machine (yes, I used my sewing machine – gasp!). I made the guides the same width as the paper circles and use some duct tape that I found in the garage (aren’t I fancy?)!

Be sure to set you resistance on low and a wide stitch too (I am not sure of the technical terms as I am not an avid sewer). Then just feed the circles and away you go. Seriously, it was that easy! My garland is not perfect spaced, some of the circles are close together and some are spread far out, but I love the inconsistency.

Lovely and easy! My kind of project!

Here’s one last picture of the garland hanging with the tissue paper balls (that I made in this post here).

Mother’s Day Gift

Another Pinterst Inspired Project.

You can see my pin for the original project here.

And here is what I made!!


Clay pots, 3 sizes (you could use plastic containers too)

Vinyl numbers (I used my Silhouette Cameo to make these)

Spray paint (2 or three colors, your choice. I needed 2 cans of the red and 1 can of yellow)

1 can LeakSeal (see image below)

Bricks (I used 5 total)

Soil & plants :)


Lightly clean off the clay pots first.

Then, in a designated area, get started painting (whoop! whoop!)

I did this a little backwards but you may want to seal your pots (optional). If you do decide to seal them, do it before spray pairing them. I didn’t do it first and had to do paint touch up!

I added house numbers to my pots (this is completely optional). I used my cameo machine to do the numbers. And I decided to add the word “Welcome” to the center pot too. It ended up being a crooked “welcome”  but I still like the way it turned out.


That was pretty much the most time consuming part of this project! Honest, this project was a snap and SO fun to make.

Now I added the bricks & soil to the bottom pot.

This is what will hold your pots up high and create the stacking effect. So cool & so easy!

Almost finished!

I added petunias and daisies for flowers, I liked the purple ones the best. Great pop for against the red and yellow pots!

I made two sets for my mom for Mother’s day. One for each side of her driveway.

She loved the look and how they added color to her entrance. What do you think?


Spring time sign

I was inspired by a fellow blogger. Over at there are a ton of great ideas for almost anything you can think of. I am such fan of her site. Check it out for sure!

My “pin” on Pinterest was my initial starting point. Filed in my “To Try” area, check out the link on the Tatertots blog here. Here is my INSPIRATION pin: I LOVED THIS!! I thought it was such a great idea… super creative and so FUN! Plus, look at those amazing colors. This was right up my alley! Subway style art + bright colors + SPRING! Fabulous!! Yipee!

So, it’s just shy of Easter and I have decided that I too can make a cute sign like this. Here was my take on the project… These were in the scrap pile. I was disappointed that I didn’t have something longer, like the inperation piece. I really loved the looooong subway style sign effect that the inspiration piece had. However, I was motivated (in the moment) and I needed to move. If I took a chance and made the trip to the lumber yard I may have lost interest or dreamed up another project or… well you can imagine. I have a short attention span!

Therefore, I needed to find paint too, NO TRIPS TO THE HARDWARE STORE! Stay focused!!

SCORE! This light blue paint will be perfect for my base coast!

I love using left overs.

And I have a helper!

This was a great project to include my boys on.  Painting can be so fun!

I applied scrapbook letters to the base coat after it was dry (of course).

I used my pencil to mark the areas where I thought the lettering would look best. I also was trying to keep in mind that I wanted a cute flag-ish banner on my sign too. SO I was intentionally trying to leave space for the banner.

I found quite the assortment of acrylic paint in my craft box (note: I said craft BOX, not craft room… ).

Luckily I had some nice spring time colors that I thought would be perfect for this project.

After all my letters were applied and pressed down firmly, I squirted on the acrylic paint. As you can see from the picture above, I had no ryme or reason to the coloring, it eventually became all the colors lightly mixed together, and I LOVED IT!

I waited for about an hour. Acrylic paint dries pretty fast. I didn’t want the letters to be too hard to get off but the paint was really dry and only after one short hour i found many of the letters hard to get off. Exacto knife to the rescue! It worked like a charm.

I seem to have a lot of scrapbook paper. I find myself collecting paper! I always have good intentions of making a cute scrapbook or something fun like cards but then, inevitably, I get side tracked. SO, I have plenty of paper! The inspiration piece used fabric. I thought it would be easier, for me, to use thick scrapbooking paper.

Almost done and it is looking amazing! I have quite a few spools of ribbon in my “craft box”. The hard part here was ‘which one do I like best’?

I went with the plain, light blue in the top left. But I really liked them all so I think any thin ribbon would have worked.

I loosely lined everything up, then when I was happy with the way it looked I HOT GLUED.

AND HERE IT IS ON MY MANTEL, READY FOR SPRING!! I TOTALLY LOVE IT, even if it’s shorter than I wanted, I completely love the way it turned out! Ta-Da!!

valentine treats

Sweet treats for Valentine’s Day.

I was, once again, inspired by Pinterest!! Thank you for helping me Pinterst, what would I do without you?! Here is a Pinterest (general) link to a whole bunch of  ”I dig you” valentine projects. People are so talented!!

I have an almost 5 year old who is in preschool and I have a second grader. We looked over a bunch of ideas for Valentine treats. They both wanted the “shovel with candy”.  Who could blame them? I’m sure my elder son was happy to tell all his buddies that he’d be bringing in “bags so full of candy you’ll need a shovel”.  It’s all about the candy here!

These were so much fun to make and they were quite simple (thank goodness). My 4 year old put all the shovels into the clear bags and my 7 year old divided up the candy by counting it all out. I tied the bags, printed the labels and the boys both signed all their cards.

This activity was A+ in my book!