b-day boy

** This month is a busy month here. AND, to top it off I am having “bandwidth” overload on my site,… my apologies for that! Ugh. Please bear with me while I work it out and know that I will be back in full throttle for June (hopefully)… taking it slow for May, and a little bit of June, to focus on family and what’s really important. Thanks for understanding!

My oldest boy turned 9 this past weekend. NINE! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I have a nine year old. The time really has gone by fast. We partied hard in celebration of the new nine year old.  All the buddies met us at the theatre for a boy move, then we headed home for a sleep over extravaganza. The next morning we headed out to the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course (and that was such a blast).

Here is my boy, the morning of his Birthday, before heading out to school. Opening a few gifts from the family.

Brotherly love… ahhh, makes my heart happy to see this:

And the yummy Birthday breakfast, thanks Dad!!

Later that night, after the movie and back at our house, dressing up and playing (this was adorable, I seriously could not take enough pictures of these boys all dressed up, pretending and having such a great time. I know that all too soon they won’t want to pretend play anymore.)

And a group shot (the b-day boy was pouting… but it didn’t last long)

And the following morning, after waffles & fruit… we headed off to the main event, the outdoor extreme course! Holla!!!

That’s my boy!!

Silly Ben… looks like he’s going to do the splits!! Ben was so brave.

This is Carson, our oldest friend. His mother and I were pregnant at the same time. We were also friends in high school and college… we go waaaay back.

And one last one of the Birthday boy! xoxo.

Make it a great day and a great month!

sweet kids

I thought this poem was fitting to the picture I am adding this week.

© Shelley R. Davis
I sit and wander, where time goes
we try our best to teach them right,
as times change and our children grow,
We love them with all our might.
It’s not easy to raise a child
at times, we don’t know what to do
we weren’t given any instructions
It’s a challenge that’s all new.
Our children, are our lives
and our most important goal,
to love and to guide them
and to place them in life’s role.
Our children are our future
and time will only tell
the job we’ve done as parents
and if we’ve done it well….

I hope my kids will always want to hang out with me, be proud that I am their mother, entrust in me with their worries and happiness. I love them more than life itself and I would be a dull woman without them in my life.

Make it a great day! Hug your kids, love them extra and brag a little more, after all… our kids are awesome! xoxo


I’ve been dreaming of warmer weather… how about you? I took this photo last summer at Lake Powell. The moon was shining bright, the water was crystal clear and the weather was warm. Ahhh… doesn’t that sound nice?

I really do love the winter. I am an avid snow skier and being able to ski with my family is such a gift for us, we are so fortunate to enjoy the local ski hill. But I just can’t help but day dream about warmer months and Lake Powell, the most amazing place on earth (in my opinion).

How about you? Are you ready for warmer months too? Or is winter still your gig…?

race day

This past weekend my boys raced in their very first giant slalom race. They did an awesome job and I was over-the-moon proud of them. My little guy, Noah, was the youngest racer of the day. They both had a DQ (dis qualification) for missing a gate. It was a ‘best of two’ race, so a DQ puts you out of a metal right away. My eldest son, Collin,  fell on the fourth gate, hit his head pretty hard (which I didn’t even know about until later) but he got up, put himself together, and finished the rest of the race. I was so proud of him for not giving up!

Here are a few shots of my little shredders!

Here they are at the start (this is where I was a bad racer, my nerves always got the best of me at the start of the race). The boys didn’t seem to be too intimidated and this was a big course.

And here they are RACING!! SO exciting!!!!

Photo/Camera information:

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

1st two shots (at the start gate) used my 24-70mm lens.

race shots – 85mm lens

All of these shots were done during the day, bright sun and reflection of the snow so I had my ISO all the way down to 100 and my f/stop turned up to 6 too keep the light out.


rocket launcher … c+p

Noah’s recent birthday was a blast. One of his favorite gifts was from mom & dad (of course, because we are so totally awesome and ever so cool, I’m sure that will change in a few years). Noah received a rocket launcher that is controllable from the iPad. When he opened the gift he was a little confused, it was not a big, exciting gift and it was hard to tell what the present was. Once dad and I explained to him that it was a remote rocket launch system, he was exstatic. My boys LOVE anything to do with rockets. Here is a sweet photo I captured of them, playing with the new rocket launcher. Laughing and having the time of their life… it was a sight to see!

desert museum

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any “travel adventures” so I thought I’d mention a recent road trip we were able to take to the Arizona Desert Museum. This museum is located in Southern Arizona so it was a weekend road trip for our family. If you are in the area or get the chance to visit Arizona, this should be a destination point for sure, what an amazing place. So serene and completely breath taking.

I think these pictures will speak for themselves. We had a great time here, there is plenty of walking  sight seeing to keep you busy for most of the day. I highly recommend that you go during the winter months as I can only imagine how hot it gets in the summer. The cactus filled hills on the drive to the museum were as equally breath taking. A beautiful site to see indeed. We loved our time here at the museum and hope to return again.

For more information on this beautiful museum be sure to visit their web site here. Pricing, directions, shows & show times, sights and so on are all available on their web site.

* I was not paid for this, these are my opinions and there is no affiliation with the Az. Sonora Desert Museum

playroom c+p

In keeping up with my weekly project to catch my sweet boys in their “natural” state, being boys, doing what they do, here’s my candid shot (below).  See more on that project and when I started it  here.

Tonight my boys were having a great time in their playroom. They had built a make-shift wall (out of boxes and a few toys), they were using that wall to toss ‘Lincoln Logs’ over the wall at each other. I could hear laughing, and lots of fun happening in the play room.

Here they are as I first captured them.

Go get your camera, take more pictures… fall in love with the moment, it’s fun!


iPads … c+p

We try not to let technology rule our house but having a software / computer engineer as a husband, it makes it hard not to. Our house is full of “technology”… from our non-cable tv hook up (all ran through our server and my husbands awesome program), to the computer iPad that is Velcro’d on our wall for chores and daily reminders (my handy hubby wrote those programs too).

Here is my weekly shot of my kiddos (and the handsome and incredibly smart husband), all on their devices and all in another world. I can’t say that it isn’t nice to have everyone quietly working away on their computers (becuase it gives me time to play on my camera) but I don’t like how everyone tunes out when they are engulfed in their games and such.

Mustache anyone?

I love Valentine’s day! It’s the one holiday when I go all out for cards and t-shirts. Usually I make t-shirts and help the kiddos make some unique/fun valentine cards. Don’t know why, just find it super fun and creative to get ‘fancy’ on Valentines day.

Here are the super cute “I DIG YOU” valentine’s that we did last year. And here are the “Heartbreaker” shirts I made for the boys last year too (pssst… the template is free and you can download it right off my blog if you want to make your kiddos a heartbreaker shirt too).

This year we are doing a mustache theme! I know, this one’s been done a hundred times over and we are a little late on the trend but we still thought it would be fun to make these “I Mustache You a Question” Valentine cards.


The Kids were SOOOO excited about the mustache on a stick (which I found in a discount store near the scrapbook section for a whopping $2 – score!). I took a few snaps of the boys together and then a few more of them separately (some Valentines for school & then some for family and friends). Nothing fancy for the backdrop or anything like that. I sat them on the kitchen stools in front of the black armoire (for a dark background) and snapped away, it was super fun, they were loving it!

This is what we have so far. Aren’t they adorable? I LOVE them!!!

I used this template here for the photo strip, I liked the simple look and easy use of the template.

I had these printed at the 1-hour place, onto an 8×10 sheet (saved $$ that way). Now we need to cut them out. I am thinking about gluing them onto pink or red construction paper so the boys can write their names on them. I will keep you updated.

Love day in the making!! So fun! And then, the boys wanted me to be in the pictures too, so I ever-so-gently handed my camera over and took a few shots with my sweet boys. We had too much fun goofing around.

cousins * c+p


A weekly photo of my kids… just being kids, playing with their cousins (who are spending the night… such a treat). I am trying to get on track with my once-a-week photo…(read more about that here), so far I have really been slacking!

Tonight I went up stairs to check on the boys, they were sitting on top of the stair case, checking out an old toy (cash register) that my boys decided to gift to their cousins who really loved it. When I looked up, my eldest son (he is 8 1/2) was dressed up in his astronaut costume. I about died. I haven’t seen him dressed up in a long time. He use to love dressing up, but as he gets older he does it less and less. Needless to say, I ran for my camera and tried to get a candid shot of the cousins.

One of them, sweet little Boston, caught me in the act, he was too quick for me. I love how this picture turned out… so glad I grabbed my camera to catch this moment. They started posing right after they heard the camera “click” from this shot.

I caught another shot, a few minutes later, once they were downstairs, still playing with the old-but-new-to-the-cousins register:

Being young is fun. Sharing time with your cousins is even better. Watching my boys so generously give many of their toys to their cousins tonight, warmed my heart. I am lucky!