In My Camera Bag

This is what’s in my bag (and a little of what isn’t and what was):

In My Camera Bag


I love my bag. It’s easy to carry and not too big. It’s not pretty but it’s practical. When I was shooting on the beach in San Diego it was essential that I had a bag that I could carry and easily access different lenses… so, when I found this Slingshot at Costco, I scooped it up and never looked back.


I love Canon. In my professional bag; Canon 5D Mark II, and I love it!!!! I especially love the large format, the 5D is amazing (IMO). My back up camera (not pictured) is my trustee ole’ Canon 20D, my first digital DSLR and yes, I still use it for events that require me to sling around two cameras with different lens sizes. I still have a Canon SLR film camera and I would love to break that bad boy out! Speaking of Canon cameras…I also carry a Powershot with me in my purse all the time (I’m a mom, and a camera always comes in handy).


Rule #1 when purchasing a lens (for me): no adjustable f/stop!!!  My goal: Go all prime someday.

My first lens and the love of my life: my 50mm. Everyone should have a 50mm! Someday I will upgrade to the lower f/stop but I have had my 50mm for over 8 years and I wouldn’t part with it, I always have it with me. Great portrait lens!

85mm – love it

24-70mm – great lens but it’s finicky and it’s a zoom lens so I feel lazy using it (just a personal thing). I do use this lens a lot, more than I’d like to admit {wink, wink}.

SOLD IT – 70-200mm – amazing lens but it was HUGE and not really what I needed for my photog biz. at the time, so I parted with it. I know it’s with someone who loves her better than I ever could.

WANT IT – 135mm – {drool} I can’t justify purchasing this lens right now but someday I will!


Canon Speedlight – I use this like 10x a year! Seriously, this is the least used item in my bag but I have it for those RARE occasions. I alway prefer NO FLASH but sometimes there isn’t a choice. I do love that I can rotate this flash and pretty much direct the harsh light to bounce off any surface I choose, so that’s nice.


Minolta Light Meter – no longer in production. I have had my meter for years and I LOVE it. I used it in my studio for every session and I try to use it on my sessions outside. I love my meter and when I am not being lazy, I put her to good use.

#6. CHARGER & BATTERIES (not pictured)

I always carry extra batteries and my battery charger, A MUST! :)