greenhouse update

Our greenhouse adventure is almost complete! This past weekend we really pushed and she’s almost done (whew-wee… the details were tiresome!).

Originally, in my last post about the greenhouse (read that here) we couldn’t find any tin roofing so we decided to go with regular house siding. Guess what? I changed my mind AGAIN (big surprise). We returned the wood siding and bought the corrugated tin paneling (it’s right next to the clear, corrugated paneling that is used for the roof of the greenhouse). We just loved the way Ana’s greenhouse looked with the metal siding, so we decided to go ahead and do what we could with what we had. There was more cutting than we thought, but it turned out great!

It went pretty smooth up until we had to put the clear panels on the very top. That was tricky. It also started to get really windy, so we had to call it quits early on Saturday (but we’d already put in 5 hours Saturday, so we were ready for rest).

I am SO glad we went ahead with the tin panels on the bottom, I love how it looks!

On Sunday we stared the door and finished the clear paneling on the roof. THAT DOOR, oh man, that was a chore. We had a hard time understanding the plans for the door, it took twice as look as it should have, but in the end it turned out pretty darn cute.

Currently the door is awaiting a MAJOR sand job (I put a ton of putty on the front side, in hopes to give it a more finished look). I think the door would be fine without putty and sanding, it is an ‘outside greenhouse’ fashioned to look like a barn, so I am pretty sure the door would be cute either way.

I plan to sand and paint the door tonight (we are painting it red). I can’t wait to have a FINAL product to show you. We are delivering this bad boy on Saturday (the 23rd) for the big surprise, to my mom at her house (thankfully she only lives a few miles away…transporting this thing is sure to be a major job).

So far so good!

Make it a great Monday,


parrot costume – no sew!!

Lets make a parrot costume! As in a NO-SEW parrot costume that’s totally easy and SUPER cute!

I’ve broken this down into three parts; part one is the body, part two is the feet and part three will be the hat for the beak and eyes!

Here is our final product. It turned out super cute and believe me when I say it was far from perfect… but the imperfection is what made it so adorable and my son loved it! So have fun with this one, it’s worth it!

First you’ll need some basic supplies. I used some things I already had and I purchased a few things.


Step #1.  Seriously, I am so simple that I had my 5 year old son put the long sleeve shirt on, then I cut a few holes in his shirt accordingly and as I dreamed up. Pretty much the elbows and one hole in the back of the shirt and used pipe cleaner to tie it onto the shirt. I figured pipe cleaner was soft and better than using wire, cuter than string, plus I have a ton of pipe cleaner so it was a perfect fit for this costume.

Step #2.  Maybe have your child take the shirt off for this step… I had my son leave his shirt on and he started to get very restless, waiting on me. I applied fabric glue onto some of the feathers and then pressed them directly onto the shirt. It was really that easy, honest!

Step # 3. Repeat step #2 until you have a fair amount of feathers/boa lued onto your t-shirt. No need to glue all over the shirt, just a bit here and a bit there. Have fun.

You basically have one boa on the left side, tied at the elbow and another boa tied to the elbow on the right. Noah was pretty little here and we used ONE BOA on the arms and one boa wrapped around him and glued all over the shirt! I tied the the string at the end of boa and put it on his wrists, like a bracelet and it just hung off his wrists. See the first picture in this post. It gave a great “wing” effect when he held his arm out!


All I did for the feet was cut out a few of the fingers and left a few, I wanted them to be comfy yet a misfit sort-of cute. Totally accomplished! Best parrot feet EVER!

PART THREE – Beak, head feathers and eyes!

Here we are so far, without the head dress.  {silly, cute boy of mine}

Supplies I used for the hat (I had all these items on hand): adjustable baseball cap, more glue, felt and pom pom balls.

STEP #1. I cut out a few “fake” feathers out of felt. I did orange, yellow, green and black because that’s what I had. I drew directly onto the felt with a marker and cut them out , I love felt!!

STEP #2. I glued an entire piece of rectangular 8×11 felt onto the bill of the baseball cap (see the green outline) then I cut it out accordingly (see photo above, cut lines are pink). This was the easiest way I could think to make a beak. And it worked! So put glue on the top of the bill only, press your felt down, centered and hanging over the front, then cut it out around the head of the hat (be sure not to cut your hat) and cut a triangular shape on the front of the hat.

Step #3. Flip the hat over, tuck your sides under and glue them down.

*** Keep gluing until you have a beak shape. Trim if you need.

STEP #4. Randomly glue your felt cut-out feathers (from step #1) onto the front of the hat. No need to be perfect, and be sure to layer. I cut slits into the felt feathers to give some dimension. I also stuck a few feathers from the boa in with the felt feathers. Once I was done I trimmed up the front with a thin strip of the yellow to make it look clean and finished.

STEP #5. Add some eye balls! Two white pom pom balls and two smaller brown pom pom balls. Glued on and done! That was easy!

And the FINAL product (that took me less than 2 hours to make, for reals!

TRICK OR TREAT! Give this Parrot a worm to eat!!

Happy Almost Halloween!!

yellow lanterns

Holy Smokes!! I completed my yellow lantern idea (that I talked about here) and I am  super excited to show you all the results (hint: I’m very pleased with the outcome!!)

I purchased two more of our mini bathroom lights (see that post here) and got buseee!

I’ll let the photos do most of the talking… here we go!!

Step #1. PAINT! Always my favorite (spray painting that is). I didn’t use a primer, just two coast of glossy bright yellow spray paint. Super easy. I set the lamps directly  on a table and painted all but the underside (as that was already covered/setting on the table). My inspiration piece  (see the post here) was white on the underside of the shade, but I was game for leaving the galvanized area exposed for the underside.

Step #2. Break out with my trusty old Sharpie marker and add the black, detail to the rim of the lanterns, like my inspiration piece. This was easiest with a fatter tip. I started with a regular size sharpie and later changed to a wider tip.

Once I started to use the wider Sharpie I was able to get the detail on the rim without a hitch. It was a breeze! The “little messy” in the picture above, was when I was using the finer tip Sharpie.

WOW! What a difference, right? I am so thrilled with how these turned out! Now I wish I would have done these lamps for our entire house three years ago…but I had no idea they could be found so affordably online (and totally customized)! When we moved into our place we replaced all the exterior lights. The house was built in 1994 and all the lights were original. The lights were cheap brass and faded, not all of them were working, they all had different bulbs… the list goes on. Well, we had NINE exterior lights to replace, so we went with the cheapest black lights we could find (and those actually spruced the place up quite a bit). I found the lights for $18/ea and I was stoked! However, had I known about these bad boys for sale at $39/ea. I would have waited and replaced half and half rather than spending the $160 + for the black ones we purchased! Oh well, it’s all a learning curve.

Of course now I am excited to start replacing the other lanterns on the house… here are a few Photoshoped samples that I did on our house…


I think it’s safe to say that these outdoor lanterns are a HUGE hit at the Kruger household, and I am super excited to start adding these new lantern all over the exterior of the house! SO FUN!

P.S. Can you see the rim detail? It’s not bold but it’s there and I totally dig it! I love the little added “flair” to these awesome lights!

I’m more than pleased! What do you think?

easy screen door

Look what I did this weekend!! Yes, I said “I”… I did it while the hubsband was out of town! From start to finish, I totally dominated this project! Instant gratification, this project was simple and quick!

I added a screen door to the back door, leading out to our patio area. The boys always leave the door open and the fly’s were driving me bonkers! So I up and installed a screen door…yeah for me!!

Look how cute it is! I love it… and now I want one for the front door…I love the cool summer breeze coming through the house and there’s nothing that says ‘home’ like a screen door!

Here is the door I purchased, unfinished wood, screen door:

Once I got it home I removed the screen with a phillips screw driver (there were about 8 little screws holding the screen on the back. That was super easy.

Then I painted it. I literally painted this on Friday evening (both sides at once, two quick coats, while the door was leaning, height wise, against the wall in the garage). By Saturday I was ready to hang it. I used regular ole paint, nothing fancy, just grabbed something I had in the left over pile.

Besides having a drill all I needed (in addition to the screen door itself) was a handle and the self closing hinges, …seriously… it was THAT simple! This project was right up my alley!!

Here is the door in all her glory BEFORE the screen door:

What a difference! And what a simple project.

Totally awesome!


Jonathan Adler Love

OH MY GOSH!!! I am smitten! Jonathan Adler has a BRAND NEW collection at JC Penny! Holla! {me: jumping up and down like a 5 year old on their birthday}.

I saw most of the items in the photo above on line at the JC Penny web site: loving EVERYTHING they have!!! Honestly, Jonathan Adler is my style icon, I admire him SO, SO much. And now he has this affordable, quality line at of all places JC Penny! Awesome! The two sofa’s (one is pictured below) are freaking beautiful and so stylish and classy. I didn’t find the plates (shown in the photo above) but keeping my fingers crossed that more kitchen items will come available.

Loving the living room set up in the photo above. Especially those retro styled nesting tables with that sleek, modern sofa. I want to jump right into that photo and live in the room! Sweet and sexy… it’s soooo me!!

Here are a few things I window shopped for on the web site:

I am in LOVE (as if you didn’t notice). JC Penny is quickly becoming one of my favorite on-line shopping stops (see my JCP sofa deals here). And now that they have my man Jonathan, I am sure to be buying something VERY soon. EEK!! SO excited!!

Visit/see more here.

* PS… I wish I was paid for this, but I wasn’t and I am in no way, shape or form soliciting for JCP. These are solely my opinions… and they are pretty awesome (IMO)!! 

colorful accents

Adding a little color really makes things feel a bit more cheerful.

This is a lamp on my counter in the kitchen. I took a piece of material and wrapped the shade to give it a boost of ‘fun’! Then I added some simple ribbon around the bottom and top to give it a bit more finished look. This lamp is one of my favorite pieces in my house. And it gets a ton of compliments from all who see it. Super easy accent of color… a fun lampshade.

Here is one of many family wall photo-collage areas. I love photo’s (like no duh). The computer was unable to escape this picture, hiding there under the fun little pillow, finally taking a rest! Here is another ‘colorful’ area of my house… loving the orange/coral chair, the turquoise vase and the colorful pillow. Simple ways to take my white family wall of photo’s to a fantastic area to hang out and feel happy!

Probably the easiest way to add colorful accents are the small things! Like this beautiful bowl that I scored a while back at Marshalls for $13! I totally love it. Throw it on the kitchen table and fill it with oranges or lemons (or both) and TA-DAH, the color is popping the entire area! So fun and so easy! Yet keeping it classy and simple.

I love color!

Mother’s Day Gift

Another Pinterst Inspired Project.

You can see my pin for the original project here.

And here is what I made!!


Clay pots, 3 sizes (you could use plastic containers too)

Vinyl numbers (I used my Silhouette Cameo to make these)

Spray paint (2 or three colors, your choice. I needed 2 cans of the red and 1 can of yellow)

1 can LeakSeal (see image below)

Bricks (I used 5 total)

Soil & plants :)


Lightly clean off the clay pots first.

Then, in a designated area, get started painting (whoop! whoop!)

I did this a little backwards but you may want to seal your pots (optional). If you do decide to seal them, do it before spray pairing them. I didn’t do it first and had to do paint touch up!

I added house numbers to my pots (this is completely optional). I used my cameo machine to do the numbers. And I decided to add the word “Welcome” to the center pot too. It ended up being a crooked “welcome”  but I still like the way it turned out.


That was pretty much the most time consuming part of this project! Honest, this project was a snap and SO fun to make.

Now I added the bricks & soil to the bottom pot.

This is what will hold your pots up high and create the stacking effect. So cool & so easy!

Almost finished!

I added petunias and daisies for flowers, I liked the purple ones the best. Great pop for against the red and yellow pots!

I made two sets for my mom for Mother’s day. One for each side of her driveway.

She loved the look and how they added color to her entrance. What do you think?


Cropping photos for web

**When uploading your pictures for web viewing… there are a few REALLY important things to do.

Info: this image is cropped to 8×12″ at 72 dpi

First and foremost, 72 dpi (low resolution). This is best resolution for  web viewing for a few reasons, mainly -quicker upload speed and smaller resolution = harder for someone to copy your work.

I also watermark my photo’s, or at least I try to remember to watermark my photos for my protection. More on watermarking later. And I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make your own watermark from you logo! Cool!!

Cropping. In photoshop (my program of choice for photo editing).

Open your image, then go to header bar and select IMAGE > IMAGE SIZE

You will se a similar window to the one below:

This is how you can see what size your photo currently is (and if it’s already been cropped, it should read your chosen crop size and 72 pixels/inch (dpi) for web browsing.

Here is where I crop in Photoshop, using my toolbar:

I usually save my file with a new name, never the original files name. I like to keep all the original files in their original state. If I want to come back and change the photo or print it for a larger print, using a 72 dpi is not ideal and the photo will be pixilated when I try to blow it up. SO keeping the RAW of full size JPEG is best for me.

Once you select your cropping size and 72 dpi, drag your crop tool over the photo, selecting your desired section of the image. Then press enter and your image is cropped. IF you goof up or don’t like you selection, simply go to EDIT > UNDO and your last move will be undone & you can re-crop.

Then, SAVE AS!!

And, in case your curious, this picture was taken in the AV mode (aperture priority) and here is the photo info. It was taken outside,near dusk.


Thin Crust Pizza

A YUMMY TREAT THAT THE HUBBY MAKES – Thin Crust (home made) Pizza  {drooling as I write}

This is a simple and yet superb meal to make at home.

#1. THE STUFF (& PRE HEAT THE OVEN TO 425 degrees, please)

Flour (wheat or white… we’ve made both. Sean prefers white flour for the thin crust style) about 2 cups

A bit of salt

Olive Oil

Yeast (1 pkt)

Water (3/4 – 1c. warm water)

toppings of choice


First, soak the yeast for about 5 minutes (soak it in the 3/4 cup of warm water).

Second, add the flour and salt to the yeast and mix/kneed until well blended. Cover for about 15 minutes and let the dough rise.

#3. ROLL YOUR DOUGH (roll it to fit your pan)

We roll it right on our kitchen island. We are totally classy and wrap the island with some super-duper saran wrap, add a few dashes of flour and our trusty rolling pin… and away we he goes (there is no “we” here, who am I kidding, Sean does ALL the cooking).


Splash on some olive oil… you don’t need a lot but don’t be shy either

Add your Mozzarella cheese. A few handfuls should suffice. No need to over do it.


We LOVE salami on our pizza, our boys can’t get enough of it. We also add Ricotta cheese (dabs of it here and there), garlic, basil and bell peppers (and depending on our moods, we give and take in the toppings department).


Over should be preheated to 425 degrees.

Slap that bad boy in the oven. Wait about 10-12 minutes, check that the cheese is melted and if so, it’s ready!

#7. EAT & ENJOY!!

Birthday Count Down

We have a new tradition around here… the Birthday count down chain. This started with my youngest son, he asked me everyday, sometimes 4 or 5 times a day “how much longer until my birthday?”  In an effort to help him understand how long it would be until his big, special day, we mad a chain.

The boys and I cut different colors of construction paper into 2-3″ strips (this is super easy). Then I helped write the days on each strip. I gave each boy about 15 days (15 strips) and they made two sections of the chain that eventually became one long section. This way they were both involved!

We used glue at first them ended up with the stapler to put the strips together.

It’s almost finished!!

Once it’s all one, we hang it up (just use a tack) and the “soon-to-be” birthday boy tears off one section of the chain each day, and one by one the chain starts to get smaller and smaller until FINALLY, it’s BIRTHDAY time!!