easy screen door

Look what I did this weekend!! Yes, I said “I”… I did it while the hubsband was out of town! From start to finish, I totally dominated this project! Instant gratification, this project was simple and quick!

I added a screen door to the back door, leading out to our patio area. The boys always leave the door open and the fly’s were driving me bonkers! So I up and installed a screen door…yeah for me!!

Look how cute it is! I love it… and now I want one for the front door…I love the cool summer breeze coming through the house and there’s nothing that says ‘home’ like a screen door!

Here is the door I purchased, unfinished wood, screen door:

Once I got it home I removed the screen with a phillips screw driver (there were about 8 little screws holding the screen on the back. That was super easy.

Then I painted it. I literally painted this on Friday evening (both sides at once, two quick coats, while the door was leaning, height wise, against the wall in the garage). By Saturday I was ready to hang it. I used regular ole paint, nothing fancy, just grabbed something I had in the left over pile.

Besides having a drill all I needed (in addition to the screen door itself) was a handle and the self closing hinges, …seriously… it was THAT simple! This project was right up my alley!!

Here is the door in all her glory BEFORE the screen door:

What a difference! And what a simple project.

Totally awesome!


weekend projects c+p

For more info on this project {c + p} click on the banner with the old school camera, right above…. please note that because I am such a flake, I have not kept up with my weekly goal for this little project, however I still have well intentions (wink, wink).

My sweet baby boy, this past weekend, painting his “gator”.  I love watching my kids and I love capturing them doing something they enjoy.

I used my Canon 5D with the 24-70mm lens. I used the natural light from the window for these photos. 100 ISO, f/stop 5. Cookie not included! :)

Tour our kitchen

Our kitchen has gone through a lot of DIY renovation since we first moved in back in July of 2010. Here are some photos right after we bought the house, no appliances, bare bones, before we moved in.

And then there we many, many times when we were living on concrete in a total chaos area, like this:

And times where we weren’t sure how to organize/decorate the kitchen, so it looked different quite a few times, before we finally decided on what worked best. We still think we are going to make some changes, I guess the kitchen will be ever evolving!

Here are some more before shots, one of the kitchen right after we finished installing the wood floors, then a photo after we put in the pendant lights (baby steps but it all came together quite well):

And here is another shot of the living room space that is shared with the kitchen:

And FINALLY, for the good stuff…. here is what our space looks like now:

It’s come a looooong way!!

New floors, base boards, lighting, rearranging the table, new island (was a trade for photographs), paint and more paint and the list goes on!

A few m ore photo’s of the kitchen (and living room space):

Looking at these photo’s really tells me how much we’ve done. there are so many times when I feel overwhelmed and wonder if we’ll “ever be done”, then I see these photos and I feel sooooo much better.

I will post more home photo’s soon!

Have a great day!! :)




bunting thermostat

I love bunting! It’s simple, sweet and makes me feel like a kid. This past weekend I decided to make some bunting out of the scrap burlap that I had from a project that didn’t turn out. I sewed material (again, scrap material that I had in a ‘scrap’ pile) across 5 triangle and voila, I had some super cute, easy to make bunting!

Best yet, it cleverly covers up the ugly thermostat, so double whammie on this simple little project! I added a few pom-poms that the boys and I made last year to the ends of the bunting, for that cutesie-fun effect. I am loving it!

I love to sew but in reality, I pretty much suck at it. If I can find a quick project that involves sewing, I’m all in. However, if it is a sewing project that entails reading directions, using patterns and push pins, I’m all out. I have no patience and need instant gratification. Sewing straight lines and easy peasy projects is totally my game!

Bunting anyone?

growing up

It’s summer. I am feeling sentimental. My babies are growing up way too fast. When I look at my eldest, who is already 9,  I just can’t understand how it all went by so fast. I keep thinking “only 8 to 9 more summers with this amazing boy, I better use them wisely”

Here is a recent shot that I took of myself and my two amazing boys (well, it’s not that recent, but November 2012 recent):

And in honor of my boys and the memories, I dedicate this post to them and say “SLOW DOWN MR. TIME, I WANT THEM TO BE BABIES FOR A LITTLE LONGER, PLEASE!!”

Here are some from the past few years… my favorites.

These are just from the past few years… I really need to go back to the baby days… but that’s for another day, and lots of Kleenex.

Here’s to all the moms out there who’s babies are growing up too fast.



boys room done

The finishing touches are finally done and this room is FINISHED (for now)! Holla! It feels good to be a gangster completer (is that a word?)! Again, HOLLA!

*For more posts on the boys room go here, herehere, here, here and finally here

Here is what was the #1 ugliest item that we HAD to get rid of:

The fan! Oh gosh, it is, was, so dang ugly! Such an eye sore! Thankfully, it’s loooooong gone. It has been replaced with this:

Such an improvement if I do say so myself! And we are loving the simplicity of this great ceiling lamp from Ikea (plus the price tag was great too).

Some further improvements were finishing the baseboards (painting and caulking really bites) and installing the mini bookshelves for the boys (by their beds) and the new reading/task lamps, also from Ikea.

We also put up those glow in the dark stars that I promised we’d do (from the mood board here)

And to top off the glow-in-the-dark-funess (and to hide the poor cutting-in paint job that I did, making dark grey marks on the white ceiling…shhhh) I took some glow in the dark duct tape and went around the perimeter of the room…. fun stuff that glow in the dark duct tape!

I think the boys love this new room as much as I do! Gasp, it’s fun and totally functional!

And one last shot of the room, without that hideous fan….

That’s all for now folks!

Enjoy your day!

:) Heidi

before & after

Isn’t if fun to document your progress? I tend to get excited and forget to take enough pictures. I am getting better at the whole process and when I look back to see some of the things we’ve done in our short time at this house, I am really amazed. We’ve come a long way.

Photographs of the “process” are actually essential. Looking it back at the projects we accomplished, from tiny to large, makes me feel great and it gives me the insperation I need to move forward and keep creating.

SO don’t give up…nothing worth having or doing was easy and usually it wasn’t over night. Keep taking pictures and keep on dreaming up ideas, stay motivated. It’s hard sometimes but it’s usually worth it in the end!

Stay inspired. Keep up the good work! Make it happen!

&… have a great day!

bathroom update

Our mini bath (or is it called a quarter bath… toilet and sink only) has been in need of an overhaul for many moons. I did a fun inspiration mood board here, but when it came down to getting something done… it didn’t turn out like the mood board at all (financially, it wasn’t time). So we painted, add a new light fixture and finally installed the penny tile flooring from here.

The bathroom looks soooo much better, and for now, we are content (for now). I still want to go with a new cabinet and some gold accents like the dreamy mood board I made, but until then, this will do!

Take a look:

Fresh coat of grey paint, a new yellow hand towel and a new silver/grey hand towel. Cute new light too.

The flooring and the paint made a huge difference in this little space. The old vinyl and the lack of a transition piece from the wood to the bathroom, was really bringing this space down. So far I love the new floor but I must say, it is kind of hard to keep clean. I think a dark grout would have been a better option for our 2 boy, 2 dog and 2 adult family. The white on white is pretty but not practical. Just my 2 cents! :)

The dark Grey paint adds a lot of drama to this little space. I love the dark color in this room, it was a great choice. Adding the pop of colorful accents, like the orange frame and the yellow hand towel, really makes that dark grey paint pop.

What do you think? Any min-makeovers in your near future?

Dining Room

I finally got around to taking some pictures of my house (holla!)… and now you can see the eclectic, colorful, fun home that I live in every day… I love it. It’s always changing & evolving and soon enough these photos will be the “before” pictures. But as of today, here is what my front-living-room-turned-dining-room looks like:

This was the “sneak peak” that I showed you when I did the summer/front entry tour here. Right when you walk into our house you can see the living-room-now-a-dining-room. Originally when we moved in, this was the formal living room. You know, the place where you put your white sofas, turn on the gas fireplace, sit and have tea (with your pinkie finger ever so slightly elevated off the handle of your dainty tea cup)?… Well, that wasn’t happening. Can we say 2 growing boys, 2 dogs and 1 husband = no white sofas and broken tea cups… hence the space is a dining room. Our dining room (or what was ‘designated’ as a dining room is now the office. And we have 1 living/family room, which is plenty).

Since this was suppose to be a formal living room, there is a fireplace, a gas fireplace. I love it! It’s super fun to decorate the mantle and when we have guests over for dinner and such, I can light up the fireplace while we are sitting at the table…it’s so fancy!

I especially love that this room is rarely used which means IT STAYS CLEAN!  And yes, isn’t that perfect…the first room you lay eyes on when you enter my house is the room that stays clean, and is little effort to keep clean. Pretty smart on my behalf, don’t cha’ think?

Because this room was suppose to be a living room, there are a ton of shelves. No problem except for the corner shelving where a big box TV once resided (circa 1994 when the house was built = no flat screens, just bulky TV’s). So I had to get creative. Trying to keep it cute, not too cluttered and yet fill in the big open space, well it’s a challenge. Magazines work great. Lanterns, globes, bulky items like that have been my go-to decor for those deep shelves in the corner.

And because there are so many shelves I had plenty of space to build a bar! It’s getting a little crowded but it’s fun and feels so sophisticated! Are’t we fancy?! It’s fun to make drinks from our little wanna be bar. I lined all the backs of the shelves with a lime green wrapping paper that I picked up from a local discount store. honest to goodness, all I used was glue sticks and about 5 rolls of wrapping paper… the bookshelves/bar/tons of storage space, looks super cool with the lime green background. And I figured it’d be easy to re-do when I feel the need!

Here’s the corner of the dining room. A playful collage wall with no rhyme or reason to it. I just grabbed canvas prints, framed prints and other hanging goodies and tossed them up onto the wall for texture and to bring the otherwise dull space some lively-ness. And that’s a lego set that my son put together on his 9th birthday. He was so proud and so was I!

Here is one last look into the dining room. This photo was taken near the front door of the house. Looking into the room you can see my lovely generic ghost chairs that I totally adore! The lime green backing of the shelves (thanks to glue sticks and wrapping paper), our old but sweet candle chandelier (no ceiling light in this room), our plank ceiling that we painted grey with black crown molding, the awesome gas fireplace and wood mantle, and our sweat-nequity wood floors that we installed throughout our house (and it took forever!). I am pretty proud of how this room has turned out. I still have a lot of ideas for this space, but not for now. Future projects and back burner stuff. For now, I am smitten with how it has turned out.

Just to give you an idea… here is a photo right after we moved in, and after we’d tore up the old, dingy carpet:

Oh My Gosh!! What a difference, right? New floors, painted the cabinets and shelving, good bye 1970′s blinds (gag), and hello wonderful! Doesn’t it look completely different?!! Oh My Gosh!

Have a great day!

Summer entry

My home is looking summery! Here is my front entry… I’m loving it. And since these pictures were taken, we’ve planted many more flowers!

This is a very small section of our front porch. My favorite part… THE FLAMINGO! I love her and all her pink goodness! My rain boots are a close 2nd!

Here is what we walk into every day. A fresh, yellow bench with a colorful family collage on canvas. It makes me smile every time I look at it. And that’s a sneak peak at our kitchen straight ahead.

And this is another view of the front entry. Those stairs lead up to all the bedrooms. It’s quite a small space but it has multiple functions for sure. Shoes go next to the door. Kids backpacks and jackets hang over on the wall and the yellow bench is always multi-tasking too.

And one last peak of the front entry, from a lower level. Yes, I staged the shoes… those orange shoes are my most favorite shoes EVER! ANd a little teaser of the dining room there in the background.

I LOVE SUMMER! Make it a great day!