So lets give credit where credit is due…
Vita Bella Photography was my first baby. My first business. My first web site. My first database. My first real adventure into the creative world that I was always meant to be apart of. That was 2004. Vita Bella was also my first logo! And I made it in Illustrator (I was so impressed with myself… and little did I know then that in three short years I would start yet another venture making logos!!).
Vita Bella was good to me, still is. I was able to stay home with my son (at the time I only had one) and make a decent income on the side. To this day, I am in love with photography and the ever evolving changes. I love learning about photography, following and watching some amazing photogs and being involved in a few community photography forums (and if you love photography and don’t belong to any forums, it’s never to late).
Fast forward to 2007. Vita Bella is still going strong and after giving my hand at a few logos for friends, designing a new website for Vita Bella (no longer up, {sigh}) and taking a design course …I decided to take a chance and start HK Creations. To my surprise and delight, HK Creations took off. I had a waiting list and more interest than I could handle. I actually turned away some web design work (gasp!). Vita Bella slowly started to take the back burner with the exception of a dozen or so returning/annual clients… I was loving my new venture as a graphic artist. Home with my two amazing (and tiresome) boys during the day and free to create at lengths end all through the night, it was true love!
Yet another turn of events…2010 &  a big move to Arizona, a new career opportunity, and no time to keep up on my professional sites (2 blogs + 2 websites)
… {overwhelmed was an understatement}
* It was time for some time off *
June of 2010, about 3  years after HK Creations launched and upon moving from California to Arizona, it was time for a break, rearranging and new beginnings.
Hence….(here we are now) one site (yipee):
Heidi Kruger Creations originally started as a design site offering logo’s and marketing materials (primarily targeting photographers). Heidi Kruger Creations was started by Heidi; wife, mother, retired middle school teacher, professional photographer, graphic artist, blog addict… and do-it-yourselfer. Going in multiple directions, maintaining multiple web sites and triying to keep up in the blog world became a chore.
HK Creations had a complete face lift early in 2012, seven years after starting Vita Bella Photography and five years after establishing Heidi Kruger Creations, two companies have merged and a brand new one has evolved.
Heidi Kruger Creations encompasses Heidi’s love of her family along with her passion for design & photography and how she puts it all together in one, ever evolving blog of goodness!