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Into the holiday spirit and having some fun experimenting with wrapping! This year I have decided to take it up a notch, holla!

I was inspired by these Pinteresters and their super creative yet simple wrap jobs. Amazing peeps out there, totally amazing!

 * * *

LOVE how they used newspaper and kraft tape for these gifts! These look great!
* * *
Using branches, pine cones and elements of nature really add a special element to these gifts.
* * *
How cute are those pom poms on top of the branch?! Great idea! And the piece of material wrapped around the center with twine, I love everything about this wrapping job. Well played!
* * *
I actually had a great time wrapping up these gifts (all three of them and a few bagged ones too). It took me a lot longer than normal but HOLY WOW!! They turned out super fabulous!
See what Heidi did:
I love the look of bakers twine so I picked up a spool of red and white bakers twine at Joanns Fabric and used my 20% coupon. See bakers twine here, here and here.
I have a whole bunch of kraft bags (I purchased them here) that I keep on hand for all occasions and easy wrapping of any gift.
I had left over green wrapping paper from my bookshelves that I lined with green wrapping paper (see more on that here).
The red tags I just purchased from here (great deal for 100 tags!).
My favorite purchase was the glitter tape! Awesome stuff. See that here.
I used some scrap burlap, just to see how it looked and I LOVED it! Will definitely be using my left over burlap for more gifts!!
And the branches were from my yard! Free!
I can’t wait to wrap some more gifts! I want to go out and find some pine cone, little tree branches with the pine needles still attached, maybe some more sticks too! Happy December everyone!

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