homemade costumes

Last night was Halloween and like every Halloween with the boys, it was awesome. This year the boys took it upon themselves to DIY their costumes (I guess my blood runs deep, lol!). I was super proud of their creations, they did an amazing job.

Unfortunately (kicking myself as I write this), I did not get a chance to get a professional picture of them in their awesome outfits. I kept meaning to break out the big camera and take a picture but before I knew it, Halloween was over and all I had was an iPhone snap shot. I guess that’s better than nothing, but for crying-out-loud, you’d think a professional photographer could get a few pictures of her kids once in a while (apparently not!).

Here they are, all decked out, in their “robot” costumes! {sorry for the poor photo quality).

That is my youngest as the gold robot and my eldest as the black robot.  Cute friend in the middle. My eldest son really wanted to be a black, industrial robot with no bells and whistles…plain jane. He added the “wings” as a last minute way to dress us his costume. I love that he has his own style and didn’t want to conform to the norm (he is who he is).

My youngest really had fun with his costume. he added tin foil for a ‘belt’ and dad bought some battery operated lights for his costume (as per Noah’s request) and a tin foil antenna for his noggin.

Total for these costumes was around $15. They used silver duct tape (we have a ton of it), cardboard boxes that we already had, one can of gold spray paint ($5),  one can of black spray paint ($4) and a strand of battery lights from Wal-mart ($6). Total SCORE for homemade costumes!

All lit up:

On a sort of funny note…. during the night both of my boys costumes were mistaken for other things. My eldest was asked if he was a fire place (gasp, I almost peed my pants it was such a funny comment, but of course I acted like it was the dumbest comment I’d ever heard), and my son simply said, “no, why would I be a fireplace, I’m a robot!”. Great answer son!

My youngest son, the gold robot, was tripping and having a hard time seeing at night so he removed his robot head for the end of our trick-o-treating. At one of the last houses we stopped at the man said he wanted to guess the costumes. When he got to Noah he looked at him for a minute then said “you’re a dishwasher!”. My son laughed and said, “a dishwasher!! ha, ha, that’s funny! I’m a robot without my head”. I have to admit, the dishwasher comment was equally as funny as the fireplace comment and proudly enough, both boys brushed it off and kept on keeping on. Such good sports and what a fun night!

Hope your Halloween was fun too!


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