greenhouse update

Our greenhouse adventure is almost complete! This past weekend we really pushed and she’s almost done (whew-wee… the details were tiresome!).

Originally, in my last post about the greenhouse (read that here) we couldn’t find any tin roofing so we decided to go with regular house siding. Guess what? I changed my mind AGAIN (big surprise). We returned the wood siding and bought the corrugated tin paneling (it’s right next to the clear, corrugated paneling that is used for the roof of the greenhouse). We just loved the way Ana’s greenhouse looked with the metal siding, so we decided to go ahead and do what we could with what we had. There was more cutting than we thought, but it turned out great!

It went pretty smooth up until we had to put the clear panels on the very top. That was tricky. It also started to get really windy, so we had to call it quits early on Saturday (but we’d already put in 5 hours Saturday, so we were ready for rest).

I am SO glad we went ahead with the tin panels on the bottom, I love how it looks!

On Sunday we stared the door and finished the clear paneling on the roof. THAT DOOR, oh man, that was a chore. We had a hard time understanding the plans for the door, it took twice as look as it should have, but in the end it turned out pretty darn cute.

Currently the door is awaiting a MAJOR sand job (I put a ton of putty on the front side, in hopes to give it a more finished look). I think the door would be fine without putty and sanding, it is an ‘outside greenhouse’ fashioned to look like a barn, so I am pretty sure the door would be cute either way.

I plan to sand and paint the door tonight (we are painting it red). I can’t wait to have a FINAL product to show you. We are delivering this bad boy on Saturday (the 23rd) for the big surprise, to my mom at her house (thankfully she only lives a few miles away…transporting this thing is sure to be a major job).

So far so good!

Make it a great Monday,


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