playroom progress

We have a fun play room. This room really works hard & gets well used therefore the door ‘usually’ remains closed (if ya’ know what I mean, {wink, wink}).  When we moved in it was a blank canvas, complete with nasty carpet (the stains were free with purchase), sponge painted walls, a wallpaper boarder, and a shakey-breaky-fan, holla! Endless possibilities!

Here she is in all her “before” glory, cira 2010:

Soon after we moved in we installed our beautiful wood floors, which took us just about 6 months to install (and believe it or not, we aren’t even flooring amateurs… but living in a home and redoing the entire ground surface is quit painstakingly difficult, messy and back breaking… hence the 6 month process). So first it was the floors. Then I decided to try my hand at making the awfully-ugly fan somewhat cute. I liked how YHL did this to their fan in their first house. So I tried that idea and added a fabric cover for a pop of color. It turned out cute and cost me $0 (I had left over fabric and an old but stained lamp shade, perfecto!). That polka dot shade cover lead me to my paint colors for the room: green and blue (I color matched a few of the dots in the fabric). Polka dot fan and striped room with red accents.

So here we are after three years. This room has had a lot of use and very little decorating attention. This past weekend I decided to give the space a little love/spruce up. After cleaning it up, tossing and giving a lot away, I had a good foundation. I brought the rug up from the living room (see a picture of it with the new sofa in this post here) as I love this rug but really hated the way it looked with the new sofa. I am liking it in here for now plus it’s very soft which perfect for playing on (not sure how the boys will fare with the floral theme, but for now, no complaints).  A while back like a year ago, over a loud discussion and pulling our hair out, trying to keep the toy clutter organized, we built 3 of these toy storage bins and shelves, then we painted them white, and never looked back…best storage eva! ALthough it’s usually cluttered looking, it’s fairly organized, for reals!

The hazy yellow photos are my bad. I only had time to photograph at night…

working a 10-11 hour day job doesn’t leave me much time for snapping great photo’s of my spaces during the day.

Those bins on each side of the storage unit are “organized legos”. And that big red canvas bucket in the center is also legos (that haven’t been tediously separated into the organized bins…; color organizing the legos was a looooooooooooooooong project that I don’t feel like finishing any time soon. I’d say 75% of the legos are color coordinated and neatly put into those side bins while the other 25% are still in the big red bin, awaiting their departure.

The boys actually seem to like the color coordinated lego system. So even though it was a pain-in-the-rear, I suppose it was worth it (and they helped me seperate them too, so they had some pride in getting stuff organized too).

And I tried my best to organize the closet (thankfully the doors shut on that closet so it will always look neat!

And some labels too…whoo-whee, big time!

And a nice area to lay around and read/relax…

That red chair is an oldie from PBKids and has seen better days. But I love the red accents in this room so I’ll keep it until we have a better option. The pillows are from the boys old nautical room theme, also red so a perfect fit in the color scheme, win/win!

Here is another repurposed item that we have had for a long time (7 years or so). This table and chair set (originally 4 chairs) was separated all over the house. The table was covered in commercial carpet and used for the Rokenbok set that I loved but the boys rarely used. The chairs were outside for a while, then in dads office and now they are back with the table as a set. The table and chairs all need to be refinished, the chair paint is peeling and the table surface is cracking. For now it serves a purpose as a good work area and it looks cute in the pictures. Sooner than later I will need to spruce it up.

And that’s the playroom in a nut shell…for now!

Eventually we’d like to add a TV (for Wii games and the occasional movie) and maybe a loveseat or some oversized bean bags… we shall wait and see.

One last look:

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