Front Porch Lights

Since posting and talking about our summertime entry, I decided that we need some fun, new porch lights.

Here is our “summertime entry” which will soon need to be transformed into a fall/winter entry. But for now… I am holding on to summer as long as I can.

Currently we have basic porch light (as in, they were affordable and looked awesome compared to the rusting, fake brass lights that were on the house when we moved in). I really love the black light fixtures that we put on the house but they are getting boring and have always been so basic (but hey, at $18 each, it was a bargain and our house has 9 outdoor sconces, so we needed to keep it on the cheap).  We are ready to add some pizazz! POW! WHOA! to the front entry. And if it turns out great we can slowly replace all the other lights too.

I am really, REALLY loving these outdoor lanterns:

source: Barn Light Electric

I however cannot do lights for over $100 a pop.  Although the quality of these lanterns is top notch and the price is actually reasonable compared to what else I’ve seen, like here… I just can’t come up with good reason to spend ($200+) ca$h on two lanterns “just because I want a change” and I’ll probably change them again in a few years, hence… I need must keep it affordable!

My idea is this… purchase two more of the same lights I used in our 1/4 bath makeover (see that here). The Portfolio brand, galvanized lamp at Lowes (is only $39!). It looks very similar in shape and I love it in our bathroom!

Here is the stock photo from Lowe’s:

Source: Lowes

Why not purchase two of these bad boys, paint them yellow and have the same look for less than a $100 for BOTH!?! Sounds like a plan to me!!

I think I may add a little detail to the sconce too. Similar to this one (note the black line around the edge of the lantern, I love that look, like porcelain):

                         source: Rejuvenation

I’ll keep you posted! Shoot, at my rate, I’ll probably get this done and then it’ll be time to decorate for fall and my yellow wall sconces will need to be dark brown or black again! LOL!

Make it a great day!


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