Tour our kitchen

Our kitchen has gone through a lot of DIY renovation since we first moved in back in July of 2010. Here are some photos right after we bought the house, no appliances, bare bones, before we moved in.

And then there we many, many times when we were living on concrete in a total chaos area, like this:

And times where we weren’t sure how to organize/decorate the kitchen, so it looked different quite a few times, before we finally decided on what worked best. We still think we are going to make some changes, I guess the kitchen will be ever evolving!

Here are some more before shots, one of the kitchen right after we finished installing the wood floors, then a photo after we put in the pendant lights (baby steps but it all came together quite well):

And here is another shot of the living room space that is shared with the kitchen:

And FINALLY, for the good stuff…. here is what our space looks like now:

It’s come a looooong way!!

New floors, base boards, lighting, rearranging the table, new island (was a trade for photographs), paint and more paint and the list goes on!

A few m ore photo’s of the kitchen (and living room space):

Looking at these photo’s really tells me how much we’ve done. there are so many times when I feel overwhelmed and wonder if we’ll “ever be done”, then I see these photos and I feel sooooo much better.

I will post more home photo’s soon!

Have a great day!! :)




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