bunting thermostat

I love bunting! It’s simple, sweet and makes me feel like a kid. This past weekend I decided to make some bunting out of the scrap burlap that I had from a project that didn’t turn out. I sewed material (again, scrap material that I had in a ‘scrap’ pile) across 5 triangle and voila, I had some super cute, easy to make bunting!

Best yet, it cleverly covers up the ugly thermostat, so double whammie on this simple little project! I added a few pom-poms that the boys and I made last year to the ends of the bunting, for that cutesie-fun effect. I am loving it!

I love to sew but in reality, I pretty much suck at it. If I can find a quick project that involves sewing, I’m all in. However, if it is a sewing project that entails reading directions, using patterns and push pins, I’m all out. I have no patience and need instant gratification. Sewing straight lines and easy peasy projects is totally my game!

Bunting anyone?

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