bathroom update

Our mini bath (or is it called a quarter bath… toilet and sink only) has been in need of an overhaul for many moons. I did a fun inspiration mood board here, but when it came down to getting something done… it didn’t turn out like the mood board at all (financially, it wasn’t time). So we painted, add a new light fixture and finally installed the penny tile flooring from here.

The bathroom looks soooo much better, and for now, we are content (for now). I still want to go with a new cabinet and some gold accents like the dreamy mood board I made, but until then, this will do!

Take a look:

Fresh coat of grey paint, a new yellow hand towel and a new silver/grey hand towel. Cute new light too.

The flooring and the paint made a huge difference in this little space. The old vinyl and the lack of a transition piece from the wood to the bathroom, was really bringing this space down. So far I love the new floor but I must say, it is kind of hard to keep clean. I think a dark grout would have been a better option for our 2 boy, 2 dog and 2 adult family. The white on white is pretty but not practical. Just my 2 cents! :)

The dark Grey paint adds a lot of drama to this little space. I love the dark color in this room, it was a great choice. Adding the pop of colorful accents, like the orange frame and the yellow hand towel, really makes that dark grey paint pop.

What do you think? Any min-makeovers in your near future?

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