the room is painted

This week is dedicated to the new bedroom for our boys. We started with the mood board, then on to the clean out and now it’s painted! Everything is moving right along and looking pretty great.

Here is the current state of the room:

We picked out this grey color at Home Depot, it’s Glidden in the interior eggshell, paint and primer in one. I am am not real big at dwelling over paint, it took about 10 seconds to find the paint swatch I liked and 10 more minutes for the nice gentleman to mix up 2 gallons for me (and 2 gallons was 1 gallon too much). The paint went a long way, I was very pleased. I only needed one gallon but since I bought two I’ll be painting some more rooms in the near future (I think the little quarter bath downstairs may be my next project).

I especially love the way the white from the closet doors pops against the darker grey. The white baseboards are going to look sweet next to this dark grey. So far so good. Looking a little outer space-ish I think… the boys are thrilled, so I am happy too.

I think we will need some of these for the ceiling, so fun for this modern ‘space’ room:

I would love to see your modern bedrooms. Or rooms with hanging beds. Maybe even rooms with a space theme. What do you love about your kids bedrooms?

Make it a great day! More room updates to come!!

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