hanging beds

Yipee!!!! The boys room is finished almost done… the beds are hanging and the boys are sleeping in them! I am so happy with how they turned out and the boys are over-the-moon excited! The hanging beds make the room feel so much larger and give us a ton of additional space. I will post more detailed photos next week. Here is where we’re at so far:

We still need to do all the “detail” work. Getting a new light fixture and ditching that ceiling fan is our first priority (can you say gag?). We’d also like to hang up a few pictures and we need to seal the pine ladder and the beds (to give them a finished look.

The baseboards are painted and caulked (whoo-hoo), beds are fastened down and hanging and the room is clean, we are making LOTS of progress!

On last photo until next week:

Have a great weekend!

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