What are some of my favorite things…

I actually have a lot of things that I consider favorites. Maybe I can make this a reoccurring post, monthly or something like that…. hmmm, I like that idea.  To keep it simple because it’s hard for me to stay focused on one thing I thought I’d start with some of the basics that are my favorites, or shall I say some of my ‘staples’.

#1. Pureology | Shampoo & Conditioner. This stuff is amazing, I love it. And it helps that they are animal friendly & vegan (makes me feel better about using their product). I use the Pure Volume, it is a great shampoo & conditioner, especially for my limp, fine hair.

#2.  Aveeno | Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser. I love this stuff for a lot of reasons but my top three reasons: 1. I can get it at nearly any drug store, or online and that makes my life all that much easier. 2. It’s cheap ($6)  and 3. It’s soft, works well &  gets my make-up off (even the mascara).

#3.  Gillette Fusion | 5 blade razor. Originally I had to steal my husbands razor (forgot mine on one of our quick trips, so I grabbed his razor  and a new blade for myself), after using it ONE time, I was forever hooked. I usually get my razors at Sam’s Club on one of my many trips, they aren’t cheap (at all) but they really do the job and last for a good amount of time. Smooth summer legs are the best!

#4.  Lancome Pressed Powder | Dual Finish. I don’t spend much money on cosmetics (I’m a drug store & Amazon kind of girl), but I will spend money on this powder, it’s amazing. I don’t wear foundation, just this powder. I feel like a porcelain doll after applying this stuff. It’s silky smooth and light weight with great coverage. It’s quick, easy and efficient, lasts all day. Love it!

#5.  Cover Girl Mascara | Lash Blast in Black/Brown. Been using this for a few years. A lot of mascaras are too oily for me and leave marks on my skin. I have long lashes but need volume and this stuff does the trick + it’s affordable and easy to get.

#6.  Suddenly Slim | Tank Top (every color – white, nude & black). These are THE BOMB! Holla! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! They are $18 at Target and now they have some with lace on the bottom, super cute for layering. These tanks are pretty much an everyday item for me. I love how they slim my frame. I love the lycra material, nothing sticks to it so my shirts look smooth when I layer. These tanks are a secret weapon for slimming, they rock!

#7.  Hudson Jeans. I have a pair of Hudsons and I feel super sexy when I wear them. They elongate my legs, slim the big-ole-booty (even with the flap pockets), and the low rise does wonders to make me look and feel slimmer. They stretch out and fit super comfy. Sometimes I have to be aware of the butt crack showing as they are super low. When I have enough $$ I may spend it on a pair of the mid-rise jeans. These are my staple jeans, but I only have one pair and they are getting pretty worn out so I usually save them for date night.

#8. Dansko | Women’s Clogs. Best. Shoes. Ever. Need I say more? And they give me an extra 2 inches, I feel tall and strong wearing these shoes. No, they aren’t the cutest shoes on the market but they are the best (IMO). They will last you for years and they are great for posture (hence why so many nurses choose these shoes too). Love me some Dansko clogs.

What are some of your staple/go-to favorites?

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