boys room *part2

The new bedroom for the boys is fully underway and moving right along! SO exciting! We’ve cleaned it out (whoa… I think there were more than two kids living in that room, we have enough pillows for 4-5 kids, there were candy wrappers from at least 50 kids and there were socks under everything).

Our first step in this renew was CLEAN OUT!

Does it count if “clean out” really just means “move all the crap to another room”? Essentially that’s all we did.  Sure, there was sweeping and throwing away trash (mostly wrappers from when the boys were not sneaking candy), but other than that, everything else was moved into MY bedroom! Just lovely! I know it’s temporary, at least that’s what I tell myself. And looking at all those stuffed animals and pillows… I think we need to do some purging & giving, fo’ sure!

Here was what we started with (and this is a clean room photo, such a rarity):

Pretty much this is how the room has looked for almost three years.  That adorable PB boat bed has been with us since our oldest was 20 months (and he’ll be 9 years old in 2 more months – gasp). I don’t have much of an attachment to the loft bed other than the fact that we built it (modified the plans from here).  We were proud to have built a bed that coordinated with the boat bed, it felt good and it looked great. The boys were happy & so were we.

Now our youngest (the bottom bed guy) is 6 and he’s tired of being ‘down below’, he want s a high bed too… I guess it’s only fair, but how do we incorporate two “high” beds in one room?  Hang them, of course!

My only dilemma was what to do with the beloved family heirloom boat bed. It’s not small, it’s actually quite long (& a bit awkward in shape) and it only fit in this room one direction (so I won’t miss that,… the bulky size & decorating a room entirely around one bed). I am a little sentimental about this bed as it was both the boys 1st bed right after the crib years. It has also been to three homes with us, through our moves and carries a lot of memories with it. Our eldest dog, Elliot, has always slept with the boys on this bed, from day one with baby Collin on up through the 6 years with Noah. Elliot never slept on a bed until the boys were sleeping in one (so sweet & fatherly of him).  Elliot is now 13 years old, he’s stiff, nearly blind and hard of hearing, it breaks my heart to take the bed away from him. It also makes me sad that he can’t sleep with the boys anymore (unless he gets a cape and flys). But, change is good (and I have to repeat that to myself) so we are movin’ on {chin up}! And maybe Elliot will get a ‘new’ bed when this is all said and done.

One last shot of the beds in all their glory. We are taking them down and they will no longer be part of the family after today. Good by beds, it’s been real and it’s been fun but we are done! lol.

Looking better!

The boys were super excited to help with their “new” room. I must also mention that they let me pick out the paint color and well,… pretty much whatever else I wanted. They didn’t have a lot of say in the new room (they don’t like shopping and they aren’t interested in ‘looking’ for stuff on line), they are boys, they just wanted some “outer space” stuff and hanging beds! They are SO easy and I love it!

Tune in tomorrow for more photo’s! TTFN.

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