Bathroom Dreaming

We have a nice, small 1/4 bath downstairs, centrally located for easy guest use. Right now it has vinyl flooring (builder grade, 1994), original cabinetry (pine/alder wood style, country theme) and holes in the wall where there was once a toilet paper holder! But it’s a blank slate and ready for a make over.

I would love to go totally overboard with this bathroom. Something fun, unique and memorable. I would love for our family and guests to love using that bathroom and ask “when did you do that” and “that is amazing”.

I am not sure about this mood board but it’s my first draft in the design process/idea.

So far… we have the penny tile (see my post on that here)! That’s one step closer than we were a week ago… I am very excited to get rid of the vinyl! And some wallpaper would be awesome too.

I love the floating vanity that is for sale at Ikea. It’s affordable and modern. The bold pop of color would look great and make a total focal point for the space.

I LOVE this mirror (just found it on line via a google search), but is it okay to mix the brass of the mirror and sconces with the chrome, stainless steel of the sink cabinet? hmmmm… I think it may be but I am not positive. Might need to re-work this one a bit but this is a good start and helps get me motivated… maybe motivated enough to start laying some tile!

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