Children + Photography *c+p

This year I want to photograph my children more. 2013 goal. And when I say more, I mean,specifically, more quality, not necessarily more quantity.

I don’t just want to take their picture, I want to catch them being them, real life photography.

I am very inspired by Tara Whitney, a So Cal Photographer that I have watched and admired for many years, she is truly amazing (IMO). I follow her on Facebook and saw that she is participating in “you are my wild“. 14 photogs documenting how they see their children… the pictures are beautiful, I’m inspired!

I am going to try my best to do at least one picture a week of my sweet boys (either together or separate).

My baby. First day of ski team – Flagstaff. Age: 5. Bundled up and ready to go. Photo credit (lol) Blackberry Bold.

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