This Halloween I found myself in need of an ‘original Hawkeye’ costume, as requested by my 5-year old son. Oh and by the way, “not the Hawkeye from the movie, the real Hawkeye from the comic”.  Huh?   I don’t really do comics, nor do I know the difference between the movie version and the comic version (or at least I didn’t use to know) so a google searching I went…  I found a lot of Hawkeye costumes, that was easy, but they were not the Hawkeye costume that my son wanted. The “real” Hawkeye is purple and blue and wears a mask “with wings”.

Here is “the real Hawkeye” as my son would tell me.

Besides being blue and purple, the mask was the most important element of the costume, Noah insisted on having a mask!

Luckily, with some searching, I found a great resource for sewing the “comic book” Hawkeye. Here I found the insperation I needed to  break out with my sewing machine and be the domestic godess /mother of the year…  link to the insperation costume at  Shwin & Shwin Blog

With the Shwin & Shwin tutorial it was easy to get the ball rolling for this costume, it was just the motivation I needed.

My biggest hang up in making this costume was my bad choice in fabric. I will admit that when it comes to fabric, I go for the pretty stuff, whatever looks good. I really don’t know how to choose “appropriate” material.  I ended up with some super awesome, shinny stuff that I loved but it was awful to sew. Come to find out, it is perfect material for lining, like coat lining. Thin, soft and silky. It was perfectly terrible for sewing a Hawkeye costume. It frayed easily and was super MESSY. Lesson learned (I think). Luckinly I bought a lot of felt, super easy to use and looked great.

And without further a-do! Here is my little Hawkeye… (Noah was over the top happy with the final product):

I was so proud of myself ! The felt mask turned out especially good. I used thin cardboard from a frozen pizza box for the mask (as well as purple felt) and sewed the felt together with the cardboard inside,… it worked like a charm, perfect! My son was sooooo happy with his outfit, he wanted to wear it every day for a week! It really made me feel good. The boot/shoe covers were a last minute request from Noah, made them real quick out of felt too. Can I just say that felt is awesome!

I pretty much whipped this costume up without a pattern and without my son. Seriously, it was so easy. I can’t wait to make something else! I am in the sewing mood… Yipee!!

Hope your Halloween is fantastic!

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